Customer Reviews

  • great

    by dilla oniel
    i love this plugins it take my mixing to a different dimension but only one problem i find. it make the sound smaller than what it was i think it should have two pan knob for stereo sound so you can play around with it more
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you. Have you tried the Bass Boost knob? This will give you "bigger sounds". Also, make sure to not move the signals too far away from your listening position if you want to have more direct sounds.
  • Great concept

    by Rick Veneer
    The Pro version of this plugin caters for the VR side of the industry, whereas this version is designed for the rest of us. This plugin opens up all kinds of new possibilities for placing sounds in a mix that were not available until now. On a simple blues track I was able to give each instrument it's own unique space in the sound stage, and the results are amazingly realistic. I can now create virtually any environment I want, making the track sound like it was recorded in studio A in the best studio on the planet, (or in the bathroom!)
    I haven't even begun to explore all the possibilities yet and I'm already gob smacked.
    Awesome plugin.
  • Push back!

    by Michael
    I'm finding a real use with this being able to move dry virtual instrument elements that are too stark and close to you.
    If you want to sit a synth part back from the vocal in a different way than just throwing a verb at it, this guy can do it. You start to feel the depth in your mix rather than the 2D plane you had.
  • Mix in 3D? Wow!

    by James Mullen
    I just tried this quickly, and I am blown away by how my rock and pop mixes sound when I mix them in 3D. I sent a 3D test mix to one of the bands I work with, and they want to use it as a bonus track on their new album. It´s so cool to be able to just bounce these 3D mixes to a "stereo WAV" and listen to the 3D mixes on any player, by just using headphones. I guess the future is now. ;-)
  • Audio goes 3D!

    by PC
    Easy to use and fantastic sounding plugin!
    Position audio where you want it to be heard - with a fantastic reverb on top!
  • Reverb done naturally

    by MixedbyMe
    This has to be one of the easiest to use yet most stunningly natural ways to put a singer that was close miced into a decent room. A dry drum bus into a beautiful drum room, give a snare that added depth and make any dry signal sound like it was recorded in a world class space.
  • Impressive and creative tool for VR

    by Arnold/Kolinski/Reimann
    Working with dearVR is a lot of fun! Being able to mix in 3D and to apply more depth and versatility to the sound, is adding a whole new layer of creativity.