Customer Reviews

  • dearVR

    by callow
    so much Yezza
  • cool

    by Dear Reality dearVR music
  • Dear VR

    by Kevin from Canada
    So far, I am using Dear VR Music in post for broadcast. Great tool for placing elements in a mix with an amazing feel of depth and space.
    For my taste, bit more control of the reverb would be perfect. Dear VR Music is a super fun and creative tool for any audio professional.
  • dear VR

    by DearVR
    one of the best sounding plugins i ve ever heard.a time saver. the best tool to create ambience. sound very natural.
  • dearVR music

    by Lorenzo Clandestino - DJ/Producer
    I use this product for some tracks especially on percussion to position them 3d
  • yes

    by John Kerry
    it sounds real, like its happening irl in the like room and it's like sick because i dont like dat fake shasha
  • Mind blowing

    Mind blowing realism is still hard to believe That I am able to create a Immersive environment in my mix
  • Musique dearVR

    by Alain
  • Dear Reality DearVR

    by Greg Nouveau
    This technology is a game-changer, and should be widespread within a couple of years!
    As it is commonplace to listen to music on mobile devices these days, using headphones and earbuds, etc, the ability as a music producer to place instruments around the listener, without resorting to a real 5.1 mix is FANTASTIC!
    We now have the ability to totally open up the soundscape: this is priceless with dense arrangements. Elements are no longer treading on each others toes!
    The software is really easy to use, and stunningly effective!
    But beware! It is also addictive: you'll want to mix everything this way, believe me......
    This software is designed exclusively for binaural applications, but with little inventiveness, it is possible to integrate with standard stereo mixes, using parallel-processing techniques.
    I'll be using this A LOT!
    As I said: a game changer......
  • dear-VR

    by Terry
    I'm really excited about using this plugin on my Jimi Hendrix type leads.
    In Voodoo Child the lead swirls way back for the high part and then slowly comes to the front for the rhythm part.