Customer Reviews

  • Smooth

    by alankara
    Nice plug in. Smooth distortion and has its own unique sound.
    M/S mode is also a big plus!
  • Karacter is Superb!

    by Rashrule
    Karacter is a great plugin for adding what it says, Karacter! I've used it to give my snare more presence and snap. I've used it on my piano and guitar to give them more edge in the mix. And I will be using it on many more audio sources, as I mix this current album that I am working on. It's a very versatile plugin! Good work guys.
  • Karacter

    by Alex Hepting
    Like excepted elysia delivers top notch analog code. Similar to the alpha compressor karacter has its mix and master version which I really recommend for an enhanced stereo image. Karacter as mix version makes a subtle but noticeable change to the tone without boosting it too much. If really trying boosting it you get this warm shimmering tone but not just like regular saturation.
  • PluginAlliance& Elysia

    by Attacker
    An audio Plugin definitely with Strong and True character.
    Fantastically made, Great plugin. I Love it.
  • karacter review

    by buckan
    karacter is different, because it has a very analog sound without loosing bottom or top end
    It is less tweak able than Trash and some other alternatives, but it wins on authentic standard analog distortion
    It sits in the middle of the distortion spectrum, but with character and fidelity
  • Piece of jewelery

    by Jitter
    I can say that it radically transform loops and one shot elements....revealing the hidden matter of your music..
    This plugin is the perfect way to make organic a flat track.
    It brings life and movement to any kind of musical style.
    A true piece of jewelery.
  • Elysia Karacter

    by Stuart T
    For me this excels on low mid synths and drums. Can be subtle or brutal. Definitely has character. I like it a lot.
  • Surprised

    by Keith Moore
    I grabbed this one as I had a coupon to burn but had a lot of other similar tools already. But once I tried it I was blown away. Hard to explain but it just worked instantly with little effort. Was also able to really dig in deep with the M/S options.
  • Secret Weapon

    by bd
    I have found that using Mid/Side mode when mastering is incredibly useful. Much more so than the normal crop of exciters and multiband exciters I have typically used. I've grown very sensitive to high freq over emphasis with many distortion and exciter effects over the years. But I am finding that Karacter gets a nice tonal boost to mid frequencies, especially in the side band, without adding noticeable or unwanted frequencies above 2k (mode dependent) There is a real sense that the designers not only set out to do something interesting with sound, but also approached it from an understanding of what modern music production is doing in context of human hearing, particularly above 2k. This is a very useful tool even when working on tracks that are already hyped or overly bright. I'm so glad to have found this.
  • Subtle to Extreme

    by RefineAudio
    From gentle harmonic saturation to full on destructive distortion, Karacter has me covered. It's great to add colour to instruments in my mixes.