Customer Reviews

  • Amazing

    by saffs
    Nothing else like this, use it where you'd never think of using it. Makes a dull loop become the track you want to write to. Incredibly useful and inspiring tool!
  • Great emulation

    by Miguel Pinheiro Marques
    We own and use daily an hardware karacter in our mastering studio. I was blown away when I tried the karacter plugin, it replicates exactly all the nuances and characteristics of the hardware unit. From subtle saturation to insane amounts of distortion the karacter plugin does it all exactly like the hardware.
  • Red Hot

    by Rick Veneer
    Owners of the hardware say this plugin is as close as it gets.
    Capable of adding bags of "karacter" to any source and delivering subtlety or total destruction. Marvelous.
  • One of my favourite saturation tools

    by MarkRM
    This is one of the few saturation devices that manages to retain the fidelity and character of the source material, even when driven at its most extreme settings. It's tough to make it sound 'bad,' and very easy to have it behave well in a mix.
  • Karacter

    by Perry
    I love this module I have other Elysia's modules in my 500 frame
    and have been considering getting the 500 series Module.
    but with the range and tone of this plugin I don't need to
    I would have to AB comparison the hardware and the software.
    Don't think I need to now. This Plugin has an incredible range of tonal colors. Kudos!!!!!!
  • Elysia Karacter

    by George Ware
    A very versatile saturator! from warm to hot it does what the says it adds character and harmonic tone to all of your tracks and buses.
    Karacter adds the spice to your mix
  • Elysia Karacter

    by lurojas
    I have been using Karacter for a few weeks now, and I have to say that I love the subtle harmonic distortion that I can get out of this thing. I have used it on parallel drum bus processing, and I have also used it to warm up brass and wind instruments. I love this tool!!!
  • Amazing

    by DJ Variant
    Even if you don't use it in your mastering stage buy it for the mix version. Subtle to insane. Fantastic on drums especially snares. Also great on cymbals and hats. Can also help punch through mids like a dream. What ever they are asking buy it.
  • Hence the name !

    by kj.metissage
    Here it is, the plugin version of the revered hardware. It's a great addition to the PA plugin roaster.
    That one can go from subtle to obvious saturation, to total distortion mayhem. It has plenty of character, hence the name !
    Not to mention that the M/S feature is real handy to makes things big by enhancing the sides a little more.
    If it's too heavy handed for your taste, just play with the Mix knob, it can change everything.
    To sum up, elysia karacter is another little gem to have in your arsenal.
  • Karacter Actor

    by PC
    Versatile Saturator - You can add warmth to your Master Bus, or you can "destroy" your lead synth... but always musical and easy to use!
    A really great addition to the VSM-3.
    Premium Saturator - Highly recommended!