Customer Reviews

  • MS Saturator

    by rick drumss
    this thing is one of the best mid side saturator on the planet!! Thank you Elysia and P.A. for this.
  • This plugin really has analogue karacter!

    by Maniou
    karacter fits perfect to my drum and bass tracks, either in parallel or on subgroups, adding a truly analogue sound. Perfect!
  • elysia karacter

    by orimaker
    I have been using this plugin for adding grit, liveliness to drums, especially on snare, kick and toms. It's very comfortable to dial in a fitting tone with the color knob, I can deal with fine details later.
    I also have good experiences applying some distortion on already crunched guitars to change overall tone but unlike eq, i can add some sparkle or growling at the same time. What I like most about it: it's really fast to get what you have in mind, if this kind of distortion doesn't work on the program you will know it in 10 second, but if it does, you'll get the sound almost instantly. Parallel processing is nice.
    I tried to use it for processing a whole mix, but I didn't get any magic results. The mastering layout is clever and fine, only I don't have the experience to hear/use it properly.
    Nice work brainworx! Thank you!
  • Got Karacter

    by eric b.
    Absolutely awesome everything from Elysia is great. If you like tube saturation you will love this plugin.
  • Karacter

    by Sawtooth Syndicate
    Realy nice saturation plugin. I own many saturation tools but this has its own unique sound. Elysia is a name of quality and Karacter keeps that quality reputation going strong...
  • Stunning, really

    by R4A
    The name speaks for itself.
    You could use this as an EQ or a full-on distortion. And a great one at that. A simple drum loop can go from clean and snappy to complete destruction.
    What really made my day was the M/S mode. Keep the mids clean, saturate the sides? No problem. Vice versa? Got it.
    Try it, you will not be disappointed.
  • karacter (elysia)

    by Domenico
    in the hardware area, elysia has its own language. plugin alliance always manages to emulate the emulations very close to the original gear.
    for me it's always a pleasure to work with it ... thank you plugin alliance :-)
  • Karacter - A beast on the drum bus!

    by SongsByGROVER
    Only had this a week or so, and it's found its way onto the drum bus in most of my mixes since then... with mid-side mode you can really bring out the bigness of the kit by dirtying up the sides and blending to taste. I'm sure it'll be killer for other stuff too, I'm thinking gritty synths and weird vocal fx.
    I wish all plugins had mid-side mode. Other than that it's a pretty standard saturation tool tbh. Sounds great but not super flexible, doesnt have a ton of different saturation types and the tone knob couldve been less subtle to give way more flexiblity. Good for mixing where you only need to add a little pizzazz, not really a full on distortion plugin with a big array of tones for sound design etc.
    A good buy at sale prices.
  • Gritty

    by Zach T
    I use it to bring thin vocals through a mix and for electric guitar and bass for some extra grit
  • Elysia Karacter

    by styxxs2004
    Awesum saturation plugin!! Adds as much pleasant distortion as you want without being harsh. I use it on vocals all the time but it's good for any sound to get it to stand out and punch through the mix. Fantastic plugin!!