Customer Reviews

  • the right character

    by James Orez
    I like adding distortion to my tracks because it can bring out and/or add interesting harmonics to a sound. Karacter, for me, has the right tone. great on drums and guitars (anything really). I can destroy a sound or add some gentle warmth and fullness with this plugin.
  • Elysia Karacter

    by Freddy Angel
    I bought this plug to "warm up" virtual synth tracks. It's M/S mode is perfect to give some extra stereo field without rising the "sides" level. Just add some harmonics to the side channel and set the added wideness with the mix pot.
    I use it with bass too, specially when it was recorded thru DI box with a too clean sound. Karacter gives me the extra harmonics I need to help the bass to be heard on small speakers.
    On drums bus, it can help a sample based rythm to sound more alive, less clinical.
    And the mix pot is sooo useful ! I would like one on every plugin ! :-)
  • Karacter

    by Goldkind
    i like the subtle possibilities of this plug....
  • Karacter

    by Robert LB Dorsey
    subtle coloring, good headroom, VERY good "harmonics box" for individual tracks. M/S is key for creating funky vibes of coloration focused or wide. Another hit by PA and Elysia
  • Karacter

    by T. Oliphant
    I love this! Great ITB distortion tones. Definitely not subtle
  • great!

    by adi
    I have been trying to avoid this plugin. It's expensive, and it's just another saturator right? Wrong! I got it in the sale and nothing else I have tried sounds like it. I found myself using the mid side function, which is something I had not really considered before. You can make so much space in a mix that way. The sounds it produces are simply unique as far as I have experimented...and believe me, I spent ages trying to recreate it, so I didn't have to buy it. But I'm glad I did. I use it for EDM, and nothing works like it when making a bass extra nasty. Or how about making some spatial room for a second lead in the mix, while giving it enough sparkle to be heard, but not overpower the main lead? perfect!
    This plugin is definitely worth a good long demo to find all it's secrets, after which, you will probably want it. Yep, you DAW probably has it's built in saturators, but they don't sound like this
  • karakter

    by christer ohlin
    Karakter is an unique soundshaping plug, especially in the m/s mode. Great sound and very transparent like the museq eq, the mpressor and the alpha compressors, no need for anything else than a channelstrip, a BW-limiter, and maybe a reverb, that's it.
  • Elysia Karacter... A must have on drum buss

    by PoEt
    Amazing plugin, great coloration on the drum buss. gives a worm feeling and drums sound wider! A must have plugin!
  • karacter with a k

    by the intern
    the karacter is my first elysia plugin. I love using it on softsynths that need that little extra... karacter. they add a really nice & warm color to an otherwise flat sound.
  • Character....

    by Little Cloud
    Look the truth is I have not had the time to put this unit thru its paces, as Im focused on doing guitar parts right now for a month or so, but on the basis of the 2 Elysia compressors I use the alpha and mpressor, I grabbed it as I use the Alpha compressor ALL THE is my most used compressor. I own at least 50% of brainworx products simply because years of working in studios has given me an bent for what works, not hype. I am certain when I use it that it will be like Elysias other products I use....BRILLIANT!