Customer Reviews

  • Elysia Museq

    by Andrea Camilletti
    Elysia Museq is a stellar-sounding equaliser. Defined and clean deep sound that improves any source. Top level eq
  • The real sound

    by ABC du beatmaking
    a very fine sound ideal for mastering with real sound quality, one of my favorites in my mastering setup a real plus to give character to the mastering and the mixed version is also top notch without faults
  • S-tier EQ!

    by Tamer Fouda (Natura Viva, Dear Deer, Krafted Underground)
    The moment I tried this EQ, it never left my chain since then!
    I mostly use it as an additive EQ on synths & pads and suddenly all the tracks sound super warm, fat & analog!
    This is a secret weapon if you're seeking that warm analog sound!
  • TOP #1

    by AaronNiduk
    I just don't know how to describe it in words.
    I'm happy!
    This is the first time I've heard that the plug-in is so analog.
    I've tried a lot of EQ mastering from different companies.
    Have tried the cheapest and most expensive.
    But recently I tried Elysia MUSEQ and almost cried!
    This is the cleanest and most accurate EQ I've tried for mastering.
    This is my TOP-1 equalizer.
    My torment is over
  • Excellent Mastering EQ

    by Eric
    Used it to do some mastering and it was fantastic. I love the tone and features. I eventually mastered an entire volume of music with it. Highly recommend you try and buy.
  • my first from PA

    by Gearmaster
    This was my first plugin from PA. Very musical and well usable for me. I use it almost every day. Museq is a faithful friend :)

    by Bob z. Lewis
    I purchased the MUSEQ equalizer plugin after just two hours of testing it and not really knowing that much about it. I liked the fact that it had more than the usual number of bands and was supposed to be very transparent, having Class A circuits in the hardware unit etc.
    Tried it out on my main bus with two songs where the vocals sounded very muddy. Cut a few dB out at 220 Hz using the wide BP setting and added a couple of dB using the high end shelf.
    It substantially improved the clarity and sound of the song.
    Just for drill, I tried substituting several other well regarded EQ plugins at the same settings, but none sounded as good as the MUSEQ. The list included Summit EQF-100 (2nd place), FF Pro Q3, PSP27, and TDR SlickEQ M.
    I immediately bought it after that test even though the price was well above my intended budget. I am so happy with this thing.
    I plan to demo test all of this company's other plugins, over the next week or two.
  • Go-To EQ

    by Nick F
    This 2-in-1 deal is worth your $. The simple Mixing plugin is what I use for input gain treating dry files to have them ready for processing down the chain. The stereo EQ is first on all my mix busses. The M/S capability and 'warm' circuit are LUSH. My no.2 plugin of all time.
  • elysia museq

    by Peter Indenkämpen
    If you own the elysia alpha compressor, this EQ is the perfect match to get the right pressure on your track. Together with the bx_limiter as last one in the chain, you can get as loud as you want without dulling your sound a bit!
  • Museq

    by UB
    Well, what should I say about this classic!
    Add that peculiar Elysia taste to my tracks. Very happy with this purchase.