Customer Reviews

  • Elysia Museq

    by Zac M
    Excellent plugin! Awesome Elysia sound!

    by Little Cloud
    MUSICAL EQ....yeah man....right on..what an unbelievable little powerhouse equaliser. Im using it constantly since I found how it totally shifts the horizon of my final mixes...right in the right places!
    FANTASTIC EQ...If you have never looked at this little character you really should. It is as active in real shaping as any hardware unit I have ever used for shaping tasks.
    I have been an Eventide devotee for 30 years, but today I am becoming a Brainworx devotee as I am constantly being amazed (literally) with the potency of these software emulations. Something has changed in the last 2 years or so, there has been the advent of a real and working upgrade path for real world users in studios with software plugins finally reaching real hardware potency. I just sold my Eventide DSP4000 and my H3000 because I hardly ever use them anymore.
    These plugins, and including this MUSEQ by Elysia are generating the same sculpting power that I am used to with the hardware units I am so familiar with.
  • Good!!

    by MP

    It is wonderful.
  • elysia museq

    by cabanasbeats
    i love this eq. it sounds amazing. so glad i copped this one.
  • Museq

    by d3llio
    It took a little while to get familiar with the interface, but the sound is great. Museq is much better as a “character” EQ, not so much for sound surgery, but if you want to sculpt a nice tone or boost a track it really does the job! Nice work.
  • Museq

    by James Cory
    I am loving what this eq does for drum loops and other source material. It’s my go to when a track needs a little more umph! Transparent, yet musical :)
  • museq

    by J
    This sounds great, it somehow imparts an analog sound without any obvious colouration it has all the precision needed for surgical work but at the same time doing this in a very musical way this is an eq for eq not as a major colouring devise that some other eq's do so well which makes it ideal for tweaking a good sounding mix without excessive or unwanted colouration .
    For me this is a top notch ( if not essential ) addition to my plugin collection, mid side spatial heaven .
  • Great sounding eq

    by Edward Selberie
    It is a very musical eq and it sounds awsome. I bought it at a discounted price and with a voucher. Could not wish for more. I think that I might have almost all PA plugins now. I am very happy the the PA products.
  • museq

    by Sal Paradise
    Not a review as such but an observation after a quick play with of the tracks on my new album Cascader was already sounding great when I sent it to my mastering guy and he sent it back even fabber with all the parts sounding totally separate and LOUD...well after trying for a while to see how he did it I came across the 'Punchy Master' preset on this.....and got an identical sound to what must be 6 figures worth of hardware! Now of course this didn't happen on the next track and could just be a 'one-off' but just to illustrate the power of this thing.
  • Lovely musical EQ

    by Garcia
    I am very impressed with this eq. Sounds extremely good. Very, very musical. Easy to use and achieve the desired results. The "Warm" is subtle but beautiful and efective. I Think I got a new go2 eq!