Customer Reviews

  • It has this little something

    by Chris Bernhardt
    If you get the result with it , witch you did expect - you be more then happy cause it sounds awsome- its not my go2 Plugin but my Secret Wapon
  • elysia museq

    by christer ohlin
    This is the most musical, transparent and well sounding eq I have ever used, period.
  • museq

    by Jack
    A dark sounding to my ears eq; not the easiest eq to get a good sound out of. The gui could also use some work as the numbers around the controls are hard to read but thankfully there's a pop-up readout when adjusting a control. The two 'screwdriver adjust' channel levels controls would be better as either regular pots with knobs or sliders.
    This is one of those plugins where one needs to really read the manual to get anything decent out of it.
  • Elysia Museq

    by Dynamic-Plugin
    Although I have some other eq-plugins, I tryed the demo of Elysia Museq and was enthusiastic about that wonderful plugin: Easy to understand (you don't need any manual for working with the eq) and a really Musical Equalizer!!!
    I had good luck and and could use the Special June-Deals of Plugin Alliance, and so it was the best Price für such a brilliant plugin.
    Thank you very much!!!
  • Effing Amazing EQ!

    by RPRM
    One of the best plug in EQ's I've ever used. Very very good for mix bus or mastering, the museq offers excellent transparent tone shaping. You can make big adjustments and still sound good.
  • Museq

    by DBW
    I just sent the following unsolicited to PiA:
    'I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my (special bundle) purchase of the BAX and Museq plugins. More than pleasantly surpised with both - both equally subtle and - yet oddly - stunning.'
    I would add that the presets are excellent and extremely varied despite retaining an apparently transparent footprint.
  • Best Mastering EQ in My Arsenal

    by Kumar
    This thing sounds darn sweet. Since getting this, I haven't used anything else for that final touch on the master. Very well designed GUI and absolutely brilliant sound, esp when adding..where this shines. Subtracting is something almost any eq would do fine (even built in DAW eq is sufficient for that).
  • museq

    by Botas Mono
    I use the museq specially for processing drums. I use the mix version for single tracks and the master version for my drumbus. It is a great pleasure to have the possibility working with such an amazing eq. The transperency and the great sound let my drums sound natural, powerful and shiny without loosing the charcter of an acoustic instrument. Also extrem settings are possible to change the charakter of an acoustic drumset. Totally flexible. After using different eqs from other companies, this is my favorite eq. Great job. Thanks to brainworx an elysia. I am hopfully looking forward for other plug ins.
  • Amazing!

    by pepepe
    I use Elysia Museq for almost a year now and I'm still blown away by its clarity! It's my go to plugin for absolutely everything I even use for mastering along with my high end outboards, really powerful!
  • Museq EQ

    by Paul Handley
    This is, hands down, my favourite EQ, I would put the Mix version across all my channels if I could (CPU permitting), I have a number of nice EQs but for my ears this is the best. It is great to be able to adjust the output to match the incoming signal, plus there is also plenty of flexibility with various functions, the warm setting is great to use sometimes. All this before I even get to the fully blown MS Master version. There is no graph display with a spectrum analyser, but a really sexy looking and very functional interface instead.