Customer Reviews

  • Software modeling at its best?

    by kbhatt
    So folks I'm an owner of AXE FX 2. After trying this and the other bx amp sims along with other 3rd party (Eventide, Softube etc) plugins I've put my AXE FX on sale. This thing is THIS GOOD!! Watch out Fractal Audio!!
  • ENGL E765 RT

    by Bob M
    Everyone knows ENGL makes great Amps, but it's Brainworx's emulation of this Amp that really shines!!!!
  • E765 RT

    by J
    Real nice amp, it captures that great ENGL sound to my ears at least and reacts to your dynamics the way a valve amp should
  • E765 RT

    by JoeV
    I'm pretty new at this, but I've tried most of the amp sims out there and, for some reason, I just find Plugin Alliance amps are the best! The E765, Bassdude and Chandler all out perform other sims IMO .. keep in mind I don't play Metal ... cheers!
  • all about overdrive and distortion

    by jermuz
    This virtual amp is good for rock. For a a clean sound not so much. Even with the gain below 1 cleans break up easily into overdrive.
    Not usable if you want to play clean and STAY clean.
  • ENGL E765 RT

    by Shramm Storm
    I really love fat and soft tone of ENGL RT (as well as ENGL VS) and often use on my guitars when mixing. You can't go wrong with it ;)
  • not bad

    by alankara
    It's ok, not my favorite. I got it because of a special deal but I never really used it because I found other better solutions.
  • ENGL

    by Dear DR
    This is a very nice Engl modeling plugin
    It’s a bit less metal then the powerball
    One but it does have the capacity to get heavy and it has nice cleans and all the vintage crunch and distortion modes in between give it the 14 day free trial it’s worth a shot for sure
  • ENGL E765 RT Review

    by Mickey Mess
    The ENGL E765 RT guitar amp plugin became an integral part in all my ongoing projects. I have also remixed all that could still be remixed before record release and replaced many guitar tracks with this plugin. The sound is spectacular. Alongside the other Plugin Alliance Guitar amp plugins, this is the perfect buddy to close the circle.
    Thank you Plugin Alliance - this is metal, this is rock, this is crunch, this is total power at it's finest.
    Oh, and then mix it all with the latest BX-Consoles and these projects were catapulted into the next dimension of modern music engineering.
  • best

    by Alex Hepting
    i was surprised by the rich character. i guess it's good for leads and solos, too. technically overdrive and saturation with lofi effect makes the difference. nice for experimenting and just tons of fun.