Customer Reviews

  • Most versatile

    by Michael
    this is the most versatile amp sim from PA in my point of view. great amp, learning curve is tough and PA should make a more detailed manual with suggested levels. I bet many people that demo it are "buy it or trash it" (probably due the different levels of the different interfaces).. with proper input level for the desired result, this could be a bigger hit than it already is. cpu performance is great compared to other PA amp sims (but it's tough anyway haha).
  • Engl 765RT

    by TheHunter
    Awesome plugin. Really cool vibes ! As I would suggest for all the Engl and BX amp emulations, start by taking the input gain down to -20dB as a starting point. Then bring it up between -20dB to -10dB to emulate a smooth overdrive type sound. Leaving the input gain at the default 0dB might make some guitars sound harsh or unnatural in the saturation. A recording interface will add about 10+dB of gain before hitting the plugin. However; the plugin is emulating the amp with a guitar signal going straight into it with no gain.Once past this point, the plugin sounds great. The delay sounds very nice too. Plugin feels great. It makes a nice vibe for recording.
  • The most fun I've had with an amp sim in a very long time

    by Overmann
    I've been on the lookout for a good guitar amp simulation for years now. I've tried every plugin that I could get my hands on, and by now I've owned many of them as well. The only one that I didn't find lacked the dynamic response and depth of sound that a real amp will give is this one from ENGL. The beauty in this, from a usability standpoint, is it's simplicity. You have the amp, a few useful features like delay and gate, and a myriad of cabinet and mic alternatives. And it all sounds brilliant. Turning in the sound I want is fast and intuitive and I almost never find myself going back and tweaking while in the mixing process (which has been a huge issue for me in the past). So much time is wasted second guessing when you have a gazillion options of extra effects and tools. I now just dial in my tone and go with it.Playing also feels very much like playing on a real amp. All the subtleties of the response and the dynamic feedback is there, sounding just as you'd expect. The performance benefits greatly from it which in turn makes mixing easier and the overall result vastly more appealing. I now have many of the amps on offer here in my collection, and while the all sound better, and respond better, then any of the other simulations I've tried, this one really is the crown jewel in my collection. An absolutely fantastic product that I would recommend to guitarists and mixing engineers alike.