Customer Reviews

  • Excellent!

    by Bhang
    I Love the sound of the E765 RT. This is one of the best amp models I have ever heard.
  • Timiryan Manapov

    by timirjan@yandex
    I really like the plugin!
  • Best

    by painfnp1
    I've tried a lot of amp sims and most fall short of the real thing. As a guitarist for over 30 years, tone means a lot. This is one of the best amp sims in my collection. I also have the BX megasingle and these two give me great tones for clean and distorted tones
  • Great

    by Schoeps where are you
    The best of the best
  • The Real Thing

    by Jean
    I've never had an ENGL, never played an ENGL so I just enjoyed the sound. The E765 RT has an outstanding sound. All I can say: to my ears it has the sound of a real amp. Buy it now before they become aware of the insanity of the price.
  • Very smooth overdrive tones

    by Edward Selberie
    In do have a lot of amp simulations and in my opinion, this amp is one of the best amps for especially smooth overdrive tones. You can tweak this amp to get any tone you want. And it really behave like the real amp. I do have a real ENGL amp, so I know what I'm talking about. The fact that they add fx to this emulation,makes it even greater. I track in Pro Tools by using this emulation as a real amp.
    There are some very great presets, but it is always a great idea to tweak the amp yourself to learn all its capabilities.
    As a guitar player, I must say that I am very proud to have these kind of plugins in my DAW. There is no need anymore to turn the real amp on to track great guitar tones!
    Btw, I got this plugin at a discounted price.
    Thanks plugin-alliance.
  • Engl Amp

    by Andreas Gruber
    Just wow!!! In allen Nuancen. Ich benutze einen Palmer Fat50 Head Amp (mit 2x12" Cabinet), NI Guitar Rig, Waves, Logic ProX Amps und selten andere PlugIn Emulationen. Der Engl E765RT von PA hat mich aber jetzt vom "Hocker" gehauen! Gratulation zu diesem PlugIn. Jetzt brauch ich den Palmer nur noch abstauben...
  • This is not a metal amp (or not only a metal amp!)

    by Faland
    I don't play any metal. I bought both the ENGL amps from Brainworx.
    Am I crazy? Maybe, but not in this occasion. I never heard these sparkling clean tones in plugin format before. I have tried or own (almost) all the amp emulations on the market. Never.
    This review is for both the ENGL amps. Very versatile and complete couple. In conjunction with a greenscreamer or a yellowdrive they sounds even better. No more words. Let's play.
  • E765 RT, great plugin for metal!

    by Micky Vega
    I am really excited about this plugin. This plugin sounds better than other I have tried (I replaced the sound I got from my Axe FX Ultra with this), and made me reconsider 100% in the box guitar tracking. It reproduces pinched harmonix perfectly, and It needs very little tweaking to get a nice metal sound. It is pretty plug and play.
  • ENGL E75RT

    by English Pete
    All I can say is WOW!! I used this for the first time by playing a Les Paul through it, which had Seymour Duncan "Pearly Gates" pick ups about realistic!! This plugin is like no other amp sim I've ever heard, and I highly recommend it for ANY studio DAW setup...BRILLIANT!!