Customer Reviews

  • Knifonium

    by smktrs
    Really surprised. Great analog Sound!
  • Stylish

    by NV
    Very interesting sound, variable, warm!!! Can be adjusted to any style, can be used everywhere. Magic plug in my arsenal. Thank you
  • From default sine wave to WORLD COLLIDING

    by Edgar Cortes Angarita
    It's incredible how inspiring this instrument sounds! Completely unexpected, I really just started from the default preset and suddenly couldn't stop playing with it until I got a cathedral of wonderful sound and then back to a dark pad.
    The feedback, ringmod drive, amp switch, the stomp box style FX and the feeling that every single knob and switch contorts sound in unexpected but great ways is very inspiring.
    I'm not a synth plugin accumulator, and not versed in the "analog synth purist" ways of old. My mindset is that old gear truly benefits from modern touches and this really embraces that philosophy like the bx_Oberhausen before it.
    After downloading hundreds of trials throughout the years from Arturia, Serum, NI Massive, u-HE, the ones that got my money for their instant originality and impact were iZotope Iris2, bx Oberhausen and Arturia Pigments. All wonderful instruments that inspire me as soon as soon as they are loaded.
    And now this one, what a great instrument!
    Great job PA, truly recommended.

    by Always Explicit
    YOOOOOOOO.....That's all
  • Knifoniumaximus

    by Treaphort
    Super dirty aggressive analog sound.
    THESE SIN WAVES MOVE AIR! Much more to explore for me here, but so far I am impressed.
  • 2 days Knifonium

    by GPunkt
    This is my first review for a plugin alliance product:
    If you have everything ... subtractive synth vstis, wavetable synth vstis, granular ... fm ... sample-based synth vstis ... even the best of those - you still miss a Knifonium!
    It his hard to describe but this synth plugin is by far the dirtiest, grittiest, analog sounding aggressive "sound standout" instrument I`ve experienced so far.
    Can be compared to nothing. Sometimes bucks like a rodeo horse. The resonance and the filter in general can tear down castles. My speakers roll their eyes in disbelief. I love it.
    5 Stars - only because there is no 6 stars!
  • Knifonium

    by SB
    Very unique sounding synthesizer, unlike any other I have tried. Great sounding and really cool interface!
  • Dream synth!

    by ChC
    This a really awesome sounding synth, something that you don't really find elsewhere, especially not in this quality.
    My only problem is the GUI. It's extremely uninspiring, and tiring to look at, because there isn't any visual guides or highlights to help the eye. Probably after some time you get used to it and you just reach for the right knob, but in the begining it's very tiring for the eye, and really doesn't help enjoying this otherwise extremely well-built machine. I'm just telling this, to don't let yourself being turned off by the bad first look, and try out this plugin! Or don't, so it can stay a "secret-weapon", haha :)
  • Worth of every penny!!!!

    by K.E.R
    This thing is the absolute monster of synthetic sound design, say no more. It sounds extremely analog and very precise in all the way from lush pad sounding to gnarly and almost irritating bass heavy sawtooth driven huge leads not to forget some weird sounding FXs...I rarely give any reviews cos I think people sound no days rely more for them selves and try new things and then make a decision if they wanna invest some new gear. But really take my word for this awesome synth and make yourself a favor and grab at least demo version, cos I can almost guarantee that you'll have a really entertaining time with this huge game changer of analog modeled synth flag ship. Seriously one of the best if not the best on the market.
  • Knifonium

    by Chris
    Has a resonance and roundness that I like. Own their other synths gave we a very affordable price!