Customer Reviews

  • Screams and beater!!

    by Mark B.
    You can expect fat, sugar, acid and "whipped screams"! Its sharp sawtooth can easily eat an arm or a leg if you're not wary! Kids, don't fool around, this is a serious tool!
  • Power synth

    by Konstantinos
    Full power synth... Well done plugin alliance...
  • Knifonium

    by Studio A
    When I first saw the GUI I knew that this thing was going to be trip down memory lane. I owned a Korg Mono Poly for over 30 years. The fat analog sounds in this remind me of the Mono Poly. Back in the day we used to use Setting Charts and enter the number setting of each knob onto the chart. This is how you saved each preset you came up with. Now all you have to do is type in a name for the preset and hit enter. The added TMT and FX modules section is just icing on the cake.
    Dirk you and the Brainworx team should be very proud of this one. I can't wait to start making presets for it. Great Job ...
  • Knifonium

    by Stephen Buvoltz
    I could get into the technicalities of why Knifonium is ground breaking with it's tube emulation and tons of effects, tones, crazy wild not from this planet sounds! I could but how bout it's just a lot of fun! Just over the top fun!! Thanks much Plugin Alliance!!
  • A beast!!

    by Etienne
    This is a true master piece... So good, so inspiring... A must have. Thanks PA for the job (and for the deal!...)
  • Knifonium

    by Neil
    A nice saturated 2 Osc analog model with it's own saturated character.
    Surprisingly missing any other note assignment priority (Lowest/Last/Highest) Currently fixed at highest as the original unit - which is bizarre as thats the mode I want least, still another sonic knife for the analog modelling drawer.
    Also I'd compare the ENV more to Oberheim than Moog - they're not as fast as my Moog Voyager.
    The onboard FX are handy for live use but e.g. an dedicated reverb sounds much richer than that included.
  • OMG

    by Arnold Vigh (art-director, music-producer at SilverHillStudio, Budapest)
    This one is a revolutionary addition to my arsenal from the first sight. Usually, soft synths are genre-specific, but this is not! 10/10
  • Nice addition to my synth library

    by Tom Frajer
    I thought I have everything. I love Serum, I love Oberhausen and couple more VST instruments, but this one is another kind of gritty dirty bitch! Huge basses, amazing pads, I just cant stop playing with it - this one is certainly my new favorite! And what is best, as loyal customer, I got such a wonderful price that it was almost for free ;)
  • Knifonium

    by VoV
    The sound and character of this synth are absolutely amazing! Thank you Brainworx and Knif Audio!
  • Incredible sound

    by Mich Hermanez
    Not heard, nor tested the hardware yet so my opinion goes directly on the plugin. The sound of this synth is wide and big with deep bass and lot of details from mid to top. Super user friendly and contains a lot of tricks to make your sound original. However, for users working with an older system (MacPro 5.1 - 12core in my case), the CPU will increase drastically when opening the Release from the Envelopes to create sounds with longer tails like pads, drones or textures, but this is common with a lot of new technology nowadays for users with older systems. Guess this will work smoother with the next updates like PA did with all their other products successfully. incredible job for the engineer making this hardware and PA again for the ease !