Customer Reviews

  • jump right in

    by spockstudio
    More analog than analog. More tube than tube. The un-soft myth synth. Do this.


    excellent sounds, features very nice, presets
    very good, cool
  • Army Knif

    by MSpivack
    Owning a good amount of Virtual instruments already, I was interested in the tube modeling of the Knifonium and have been impressed with Pluginalliance's newer processing tools and decided to give this one a whirl. It certainly fills a void for analog sounding classic synth patches as well as some modern cutting edge sound design potential. The bundled effects processing is impressive featuring things like the venerable Maag "Air Band" in a stomp box style chain, and a magical "feedback" knob that saturates beautifully. A very thoughtful and complex synth. The only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is that the preset patches are a bit limited for rounder sounds, which I tend to use a lot of. They can be shaped with the sculpting tools, but I'd like to hear more out of the box. Great job PA!!!
  • This is serious!

    by JoDell Playmaker
    This VST doesn't feel like the gimmick that most VST instruments synths are. This is for musicians - to create their "own" sound. This is something that will continue to give and inspire.
  • Tuuuubes

    by DT
    Holy smokey tubes! This thing is the epitome of fatness in the digital realm. I honestly can't believe you guys were able to do this... I will be using this forever! I'd love to see an A/B soon!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks a lot and enjoy your new tool!
  • Knifonium

    by Marco Forni
    Careful, this is a bad baaad boy. Sure you can handle it ? :)
  • Wonderful fat sounds

    by Jose Luis Crespo
    Really wonderful sounds. Very fat sounding. Incredible for solos.
    Rich textures.