Customer Reviews

  • BASS!

    by Psysword
    Now this is an old school bass machine and upon first purchasing it, i found it to be less than Serum or Dica which have infinite modulation capabilities and since I’m in electronic music, I was quite taken aback. The sounds were real warm, but then now after a month, i have begun to get sounds out of it that Serum and Diva have not been able to give me. This is phenomenal. I might add that this is capable of making thick and fat hit bass lines that can carry the tune. I am relying on this to get some good songs out this year. Fingers crossed. Genius, Dirk. I’m sorry that I doubted this beast initially.
  • Knifonium

    by macman
    Bombastic sonic quality, I use a lot in Unify with the unified presets, this combination can only be described as out of this world.
    Downside: doesn't react at all well with my Roli blocks as midi controller, otherwise I would have given it 5 stars
    I was aware of this when I demoed, and never the less bought it for its Sonic capabilities.
  • Knifonium

    by stuman
    This plugin has a great analog sound and it rocks!!
  • Knifonium

    by SpenceGabor
    Well, as usual, Plugin Alliance delivered a great sounding plugin synth... again. Its lush, and can be pushed to grittiness. Also, as usual, the Knifonium plugin delivers more than than the hardware like polyphony selection, and of course multiple instances. Its amazing to have a taste of a synth many of us could not enjoy the luxury of owning. Thanks...again.
  • Knifonium!

    by Louis Wilson
    My FAVORITE Plugin
  • Tons of Warmth

    by Seventh Chord Music
    This is a really great synth plugin (which isnt surprising given PA's track record). Its definitely unique and has characteristics not found in anything else I've tried. There is an analog warmth that helps it to feel vibrant in a mix. My only complaint is with the preset sounds, even though they sound alright on their own, they all take a bit of tweaking to get them to pop. But once you dial in a sound you like you wont be disappointed. Great work PA!
  • Tons of possibilities

    by Simon Carpenter
    Just to say it's a knobwonder. From pure low rich to high tweaked sounds - more than you can/could imagine. Specially like when just going with the flow and your results end up in self oscilating - so much life in it.
    From experimental to straight forward, what an excellent gear you made. Thank you!
  • Knifonium

    by billyc
    The most organic, sonicly beautiful virtual synth on the planet.
  • knifonium

    by hhhenny
    it's really interesting, and fun to tweak. presets sound a little different than i expected, but i'm impressed with how easy it is to tweak this thing into something interesting. like the way it reacts to what you do. also s/o to the m/s. big

    by uberlab
    Literally wrote 2 new songs because of this baby. The presets are inspiring, but you owe it to yourself to make your own sounds from init. That experience alone is worth the price!
    One note: I found that working mono with two instances of Knifonium worked better in some cases for me (e.g. pads). Try experimenting to see what works for you!