Customer Reviews

  • channelx

    by Ger
    es de lo mejor para tener los tres módulos de lindell en un solo lugar, super practico
  • ChannelX

    by BluelagoonStudios
    I think I was over busy with the other channel strips, which are also amazing. I went to the Lindell website and read some stuff and also the philosophy behind these tools. So tried them out. And they not disappoint me. The use for this channelX? Almost everything.
  • ChannelX

    by Studio14
    Surprised it not more popular. Or maybe it is. Its an excellent all in one. Very warm sounding.
  • ChannelX !!

    by JB
    has tons of vibe,this is likely to be used here on single tracks more often than either the Focusrite or 4000 E virtual strips i also bought.
  • Sweet sound/intuitive control

    by spbmac
    Can't speak to how well it emulates the hardware, but this is a fantastically sweet channel strip. I love the harmonics it can add with very little effort. Warmth, presence, body, are all very easy to tweak. Compressor is easy to use. Filters & EQ have a great, clean sound with just enough options to be useful without tempting you to to tweak for hours.
  • Channel X

    by ANBU
    I used to work for Lindell distributor. And this plugin absolutely behave just like the analog one! The tone color is great, and pumping.
    Very intuitive, easy to use, and magically shaping your sound.
    The only exception is i need to add another eq to handle mid section.
  • Channel X

    by element4audio
    Good and analog tone, but it is unperfect without a decent mid control... the tone is beautiful and real, but... the mid control is so necessary that I can´t use this plugin on every session, only on very special situations... good, but not enough if you think the price that cost. If Lindell do an upgrade with a mid control, this plugin will run in other level and will be very competitive
  • 混音

    by 王新
  • Best channelstrip for me!

    by Chiren Music
    I own a lot of channel strips. From Plugin Alliance and UAD. I prefer this one the most. In a really short amount of time, it can ad a lot of life and dimension to the source. Why...? Because it sounds more analog than the other strips. That's the magic about this one. Highly recommend this one!!
  • Surprised

    by B. van kaa
    Pre amp:
    The fact that the output volume dosn't change is nice. Usefulness depends on the source.
    Compression is really nice and smooth, the 3 switches (fast medium and slow) are nice, and incorporate fast workflow The overall feeling is really nice.
    The EQ is subtle but good. The overall reaction of the plugin is like controlling an analog unit. Is that possible? Not sure, but it does feel nice.
    It's not something for everything, but is good for polishing.