Customer Reviews

  • Channel mojo X

    by oekoumene
    What a great channel! Warmth and character in spades..
    Everything about it is musical and mixing and matching the analog saturation across the modules with the audio material can yield great results.
    Love it on percussive elements, especially kick drums.
    A mix dial for the analog saturation and the ability to use the modules independently of the channel would make a great update.
  • Instance Vibes!

    by Pom
    All in one classic tone in eyes pleasing package. Wish list: MEQ-5 module, Solfclip output would be awesome!
  • Two nitpicks to an otherwise amazing plug..

    by kaiser_of_1kHz
    This is, in all key aspects, an incredible tool. I already wrote quite a bit about it in another post above. I do wish, however, that is had an output level control. The types of processing that this plugin excels at by nature add a lot of gain, and there isn't much way to control the output, forcing you to add something else on afterwards. Something so easy to fix, I don't know why it isn't in there. Also, it would be really great to use the individual modules without having to load up the whole strip (you have to otherwise buy them separately)....
  • ChannelX

    by Spinncontrol
    Ok, pulled up a SEQ and added this to a Trilian bass seq....Wow! The fullness of the bass was immediately what I have been trying to get with other plugins...
    Spinncontrol Productions
  • The Channel Strip for people who don't like channel strips

    by midmodman
    I don't particularly like channel strip plugins. I understand that they attempt to emulate an experience for audio engineers who are used to that type of workflow, but I have always found them constricting. THIS one, however, struck me differently. I ended up with 2 of the 3 components through sale prices before I demo'd it, and fell in love with the character and the sound out of the gate (no pun intended). I have other Pulteq/1176/610 type emulations, but this is my new favorite by far. Surprised at how much I enjoy and employ moving the elements around in the chain. It just "gets" me.
    Also, thanks to the sale prices, I got this all together for less than $50. SO happy with that. Compared to the other channel strip emulations here (and elsewhere) that I have tried, this is hands-down my favorite.
  • Channel X

    by Mick L
    Love this plugin on Bass and Kick Drum!!
  • Superb channel strip

    by AreG
    I have many channel strips, but ChannelX is on top of my list. Love the color, flexibility and the GUI of this strip.
  • Fun to use

    by Tommy80
    Now this is on almost on every channel in my projects
  • Channel X

    by JimHam70
    I bought all the Lindell components separately but didn't have this rack to make them a channel strip. Thanks PluginAlliance for giving me Channel X for free.
  • Love!

    by Keith Moore
    Absolutely LOVE this entire channel. One of my favorites for acoustic & bass guitar.