Customer Reviews

  • lovely!

    by alankara
    I sold my hardware because I love the sound of the plug in. You really get the nice sound of the hardware. very nice
  • Lindell Channel X

    by Studiosarj
    I find that with Channel X that I can get a nice punchy kick and a snappy snare very quickly. Its an easy to use plugin. The HP and LP filters are great. You can really push the compression with this thing.
  • Lindell Plugins / ChannelX

    by manick
    Well, I'm just a hobby musician, but... I know when it sounds great. And right now it sounds awesome!!Okay, the drums coming out of my Roland TR-8 combined with the raw analog sound from my new Korg Minilogue mixed in the DAW already seemed to be great... at least solo or in a thin ensemble together... but as I'm not a professional mixing engineer, I struggled to get that full thick sound from both together. Either the Drums or the Synth dominated... usually it was the Bass Drum and the Synth heard best, but the nice Snare and Rimshot of the 808 got lost between all the Bass and Claps, and the hihats were not as sparkling as I like them.I'm not going to say now that the Lindell Plugins are the "somewhat magic" you put into your mix and wonders will happen - but if you're just a little bit conscious of what is going on in your mix, the ChannelX will indeed sound like a wonder with just some little adjustments.And that's where I really feel these Plugins help me to overcome my shortage of knowledge in audio engineering. And I still can dig in deeper if I want to - got some really extreme settings tonight which still sounded like party to me :-)Really, really well done Tobias Lindell and Plugin Alliance, thanks!! :-)