Customer Reviews

  • Just. Wow.

    by Dusty
    Completely blown away by this one, and I have a few other high quality channel strips that were doing just fine without needing another roommate. Do yourselves a favor and just try the demo. This thing sounds absolutely phenomenal and may just become my go-to plugin on tracks and busses. Well done.
  • Classic vibe & weight

    by Anthony Lee
    As a previous reviewer has noted, this channelstrip is MASSIVELY overlooked. As well as the very sweet colouration the strip imbibes, it adds a definite dimensionality (if that's a word) - in other words, it doesn't leave the sound source flat (as a lot of plugins do); it adds spatial depth.
    I've also compared it's lowend trick to the other topend EQP-1A emulations and it stands up with all of them (and is preferable in some situations) - if this is the only Pultec-like emulation you have, you won't be complaining!
    Because of the options the strip has with the various filtering & EQ settings, it's possible to get quite unique curves - I managed to get a drum loop to sound like it was passing through a classic sampler, which surprised me - I'll be trying it out on hip-hop style stuff in future for sure.
    Highly recommended

    The Lindell "Channel X" (and the entire Lindell plugin family for that matter) has been widely overlooked for what they offer. At the very least, speaking for myself. I hadn't heard a peep about these until I picked up something on sale and started playing with it, realizing that I've payed WAY too much money on other brands while Lindell was around.
    I have been spoiled by working on an SSL Duality, outboard Neve, Urei, GML, Sontec etc. at the studio where I worked. I've moved to tracking at the studio and mixing at home & I have been on a quest for audio tools itb that can match the sonic imprint I'm accustomed to: 3 dimensional depth, sense of headroom, flattering harmonics, no digital "cramping"... the usual keyword searches.
    The Lindell plugins pass all the criteria; in several instances beating the pants off the equivalent offerings by plugin juggernauts(shall remain un-named) versions that I own.
    The Pultec style EQ, the compressor and pre all share a feeling of "effortlessness" in achieving the resulting -larger than life but somehow still very natural- sound.
    While I love patching in hardware, for many sessions I fly around on the console and pull up a great sounding mix just using the SSL channels and patching in outboard is a luxury used on lead vox etc. In that sense, you could easily mix an entire track in the box with just an instance of channel X on every channel. The saturation signature, the low end transient detail retention... You really can make a mix sound awesome.
    The TE-100 EQ and 254/354 compressors(ESPECIALLY with oversampling selected on those) share this fantastic HW-like sound quality.
    I've been doing critical (Black Friday) listening of products I own or have on demo and I can't believe the quality/value ratio on these plugins. A perfect compliment to Dirk's own awesome work and their other peers. If you're on the PIA site you probably already know how great Brainworx is, but there is a criminal lack of talk about the Lindell stuff on this site. Run do not walk to demo these puppies.
    Just my 2 cents, cheers!
  • ChannelX

    by Captain Lou on Sax
    Great sound
    Very user friendly
    Using now on my projects
  • ChannelX

    by Domenico
    ::: allows easy intervention with a sensational workflow :::
  • Channel X

    by Rski
    Okay I have been receiving Black Friday emails, I tried a few demos, the thing I liked about this one is the modules come in a single form, this really works well, to address a mix issue, before the master buss. Once you poke around for awhile, this package really works well, when tweaking my tonal wishes.
  • Channel mojo X

    by oekoumene
    What a great channel! Warmth and character in spades..
    Everything about it is musical and mixing and matching the analog saturation across the modules with the audio material can yield great results.
    Love it on percussive elements, especially kick drums.
    A mix dial for the analog saturation and the ability to use the modules independently of the channel would make a great update.
  • Instance Vibes!

    by Pom
    All in one classic tone in eyes pleasing package. Wish list: MEQ-5 module, Solfclip output would be awesome!
  • Two nitpicks to an otherwise amazing plug..

    by kaiser_of_1kHz
    This is, in all key aspects, an incredible tool. I already wrote quite a bit about it in another post above. I do wish, however, that is had an output level control. The types of processing that this plugin excels at by nature add a lot of gain, and there isn't much way to control the output, forcing you to add something else on afterwards. Something so easy to fix, I don't know why it isn't in there. Also, it would be really great to use the individual modules without having to load up the whole strip (you have to otherwise buy them separately)....
  • ChannelX

    by Spinncontrol
    Ok, pulled up a SEQ and added this to a Trilian bass seq....Wow! The fullness of the bass was immediately what I have been trying to get with other plugins...
    Spinncontrol Productions