Customer Reviews

  • Great, except the size GUI

    by Pexou
    very good reporduction and very musical but he need a small update to make it more big because in high resolution the plugin feel so litlle.
  • Surprisingly Good on a Master!

    by Caleb
    Only got this because it was advantageous to helping me get a deeper discount on a sale. I threw it on a mastering session kind of just for fun, and it ended up being exactly what was needed! the M/S matrix is what makes it so useful. I have to be pretty conservative with the knobs, but it really does sound great! If you're looking for a unique take on a Pultec or want something different for mastering, this is worth a try!
  • Great, except...

    by cross_couloir
    The PEX-500 definitely captures the core sound character and workflow of a classic Pultec. As you would expect, it's magic on drum busses and can do work on a mix bus as well. The addition of mid/side processing is neat, although I prefer to use other BX plugins for mid/side EQing.
    My main issue with the plugin is in its analog mode. This mode is on by default when the plugin is loaded and, according to the manual, offers 3 primary features. It adds transformer-style saturation, electrical noise and power hum. Turning on analog mode enables all three and their relative effects and levels cannot be adjusted. The noise level is surprisingly high, with both the power hum and electrical noise reaching as high as -40dBu. It is especially noticeable in the 10-20kHz range. Perhaps the most annoying thing is that the hum and noise generators do not turn off when playback is stopped.
    The presence of the non-adjustable noise and hum generators really bums me out, as I'd like to use the transformer saturation without having to enable the other two. Although I recognize that noise and hum make for a more accurate emulation of a vintage Pultec unit, I think this plugin could be significantly improved by offering individual switching for noise/hum/saturation. At the very least it would be helpful to have analog mode disabled by default so people don't end up hunting for mysterious noise issues.
  • PEX-500 awesome

    by skidder
    Usually put this on my master.
    I don't think there's anything better for the money, especially when on offer.
    Really beefs up everything with a nice warmth.
  • More flexible than you might think

    by Ettienne Lane
    I find digital audio extremely cold and I always had to do a ton of inline and parallel processing to get that WARM VOCAL SOUND I am looking for. I've tried time and time again to simplify the process. I was quite amazed when I hit the mark in record time with this plugin. Thanks Tobias.
  • produto excelente

    by Marcelo Vicente
    plugins muito eficiente e super elaborado
  • Excellent Plugin!

    by ChroPh0re
    I got this as a cheap throwaway addon to another purchase for the additional discount, and didn't believe the reviews on this thing. I thought it was going to be a dud. It's freaking magic! I don't know how you can have such nice EQ tweaks in one plugin that's only a 2-band EQ. This may have just become a go-to EQ plugin of mine.
  • I LOVE IT!!

    by Mike
    Great plugin and I use it on every mix!!!
  • Bang for the buck!

    by Gerard
    I'll be honest, I only bought this one because is cheap... what a great surprise!! This plugin is amazing, I find myself using it a lot. I'll copy this review to both brothers (pre, eq and comp are fantastic).
  • disco

    by tato