Customer Reviews

  • Beautiful!

    by Konicus
    Air silk and beef plate are my chosen words for this magical beast. I have not used a real Pultec before but this EQ puts a heavy slapping to the emulations that I've tried. It's also dirt cheap for what it can do. Beautiful!
  • Great top-end

    by stevegalante
    Don't look for another Pultec emulation, just fall in love with the top end of this plug !
  • PEX-500

    by ffordallan
    I wasn't sure what to do with this at first , but on a final mix as the results are impressive.
    It's able to add a very sweet top end and warm bass , mixes sound a lot bigger with this .
  • Nice touch

    by Emanater
    This is a very musical EQ. Very pleasing to the ears and easy to use. Some really nice presets on this one.
    I'm finding this to be my favourite EQ plugin due to the sweetness of it. It's not in your face, it's not weak, it's just right. This one has very quickly made it's way into my tracking chain and I reckon it's become my go to EQ as of now.
    It's hard to write a review on it as it's just that good. Try it out and I believe you'll end up buying it. I've just passed on one that's 3 times the price and thePEEX-500 kicked it to Kingdom come.
    I was totally amazed at how good it is. Try it!!!
  • you need this

    by Mixthatrecord
    download the trial and you know why
  • PEX-500

    by Little Cloud
    This EQ REALLY took my breath away one day. I brought it in a sale and it didn't look much so to be honest I never really used it to one-day I was struggling with a snare sound and I thought I'll use that Lindell unit I got from brainworx... I chose a snare preset and nearly fell off my chair...I remember I had been working for at least 30 minutes to find a sample that had the crack in it I wanted for this particular song The edge of glory by Gaga, And there it was right in front of me so I've used it now on kick and snare many many times. Its the Lindell TE-100 That I go to as well it's just as amazing if not more so! Thanx Brainworx for getting some unity amongst these guys who creat such great plugins.
  • PEX-500 EQ

    by JH Studio
    I have several Pultec style plugins but none have the modern control and clean sound that this plugin offers.
  • Smooth

    by Richard
    I am not familiar with the hardware, so i can't compare it. But what i can say is that this plugin sounds really good. Sweet, Smooth and warm. Great on everything. Just try out the demo and you are sold!
  • Lindell

    by Black Frost
    I use Lindell VSTs all the time, they are very useful to warm, fat and punch up drum samples, which then sound really natural, but also distorted guitars or bass, so pretty much everything I do gets a Lindell treatment for sure. Quite intuitive to handle and really cool sounding. If you want to de-digitalise your sound, which is my aim, you need this.
  • PEX-500 - Sonic Bliss!

    by Liza
    This has gorgeous subtleties and musicalities without any unwanted 'personality' creeping in and taking over. It knows how to draw out the magic. You can gently coax the sweet spot in no time at all and surprisingly it also handles a push when needed without any compromise in quality - no nasty hardness or weird artifacts. It's a joy to find a plug-in that really maintains organic dynamic range and vibe. This lets your music breathe.