Customer Reviews

  • PEX500

    by SongsByGROVER
    Very nice plugin, definitely got that pultec style and analog drive when you push the input, plus the best part is the built Mid-Side matrix... this makes it WAY more useful than a standard pultec-style plugin for using on groups/busses (which is how i mostly use it). Great buy.
  • Worth checking out

    by Anthony Lee
    I didn't think I needed another Pultec-style EQ. However, I discovered the vibe of this is nicely different from the UAD Pultecs. Used it in a project already and very happy with the results
  • World class eQ

    by JJBOT
    Excellent colored but musical and warm eQ
  • Great EQ

    by Tom Donn
    If you are looking for a Pultec emulation, this is not for you, but it is a great sounding EQ. If you have used to hardware version of this EQ then you will see how they nailed it. I love the top end. Never gets harsh or peaky. Very smooth. I find myself using this more on distorted electric guitars. It also works as a good eq for stereo drum mix. Just add a bit of 60Hz and 10kHz or 12kHz to get a bit more presence. Just do not think of this as a Pultec and love what it adds to your tracks.
  • Lindell PEX-500

    by d3llio
    Great plugin!
    Albeit I've only used it a couple times, this plugin works great because of it's simplicity. No major dialing in needed, I can polish up the general bass and treble without a lot of time spent. I look forward to using it more, very cool!
  • great plugin

    by adi
    This is one of 5 pultec style eqs i have tested. I love the sound, it has the ability for some nice saturation to add to the eq curve. Speaking of the curve, it is wide. When you boost at 30hz, you get a fair amount of mid range as well, which can then be cancelled out with the attenuate feature. I also love the input pad, allowing for some extra gain staging, of required. What i did not like is the fact that the choice of frequencies is very small, I would like to see it go down to 20hz, like all the others do. For some reason, Lindell give extra features, but then take away some that were just fine. Same with their 76 compressor, you get the extra SC, mix, but no 8 ratio.
    Other than that little annoyance, I love this plugin
  • PEX-500

    by PAPA WIZ
  • PEX-500

    by Domenico
    very happy about PEX-500 - the high boost offers creamy heights and the low boost powerful basses.
    thank you plugin alliance :-)
  • PEX-500 is brilliant

    by Nick J. Ash
    PEX-500 brings my tracks to life with some high end excitement. Tasteful use on certain instruments gives them a character and place to sit in the mix. Jolly good, I use it on the upright acoustic bass, brings up the attack and definition of the notes.
  • PA Lindell PEX-500

    by Bourian Boubbov
    ;0P All birds birds are tweeting from the roofs about the famous Pultec Trick for bass or kick (pushing lows and cutting them at the same time using the slightly different curves to one's advantage) so not much needs to be said about this. (Ha, I just did!) I have the Universal Audio Pultecs, and the Softube Tube-TECH version, but they all don't replace this dude here! First, the sound the PEX-500 is very direct, warm, three-dimensional and punchy! Yes you might argue, so are the others in one way or another. True, but here comes number 2:
    This thing is native. And (bless you Plugin Alliance people!!) you only go online once and connect to the PA server and it's DONE!! No stupid iLok, Dongle, or external DSP Cards (for which you now need a MAGMA or another extension chassis-THANKS, APPLE!) Let me repeat: This is native and it is really processor efficient, like all Plugin Alliance plugins btw. So, for me, myself and moi: No brainer!
    Oh, I forgot to mention it has M/S and an input pad so you can drive it or...not :D
    Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with PA but I friggin love what these guys are doing. If I had to start all over with (buying) plugins for processing, guess where Plugin Alliance would be on my list?! ; )