Customer Reviews

  • Niiiice !

    by EOTR
    Very nice and smooth. I'm pleasantly surprised by this "another Pultec EQ plugin". It works !
  • Nice EQ

    by Edward Selberie
    This is a very nice and musical EQ. I use it mostly on guitars and keys with great results. You can't go wrong with this EQ. Give it a try if you want to buy immediately. In my case, I just buy plugins from Plugin Alliance. They have top notch products @ excellent prices!
    Please see my other reviews (Eddy) for a complete outline of my mixbus.
  • Love it

    by Owl
    The sound of this eq is fantastic and I use it often to add in frequencies. Although I never had the benefit of working on high-end analog gear, when I put this eq on a track its the closest I have come to hearing what I think a good analog eq would do... i.e. it handles the harmonics correctly and therefore has a rich tone. Well done Limdell