Customer Reviews

  • Noveltech Character

    by Verdi
    I use it for vocals - they becomes be more "sparkling" and present. Other-hand insert the plug-in to the AG track caused some unwanted distortions.
  • Open up your mix

    by Patrick Ryan Heaney
    Character can do amazing things or magnify bad recordings. It really opens up almost everything you put it on. Brightens up synths, puts more punch on the top end of your bass, makes your snare crack...a really great plugin!
    Patrick Ryan Heaney (Tiesto, Icona Pop, Twin Shadow)
  • character

    by jay kru
    Used tastefully, Character is a treat. Subtle enhancements that can make a big difference.
  • Noveltech Character

    by ATN69
    I took the masterclass with Armin Van Buuren and saw that he use Noveltech Character. I found that it really deserves it's name. It will give a nice character to sounds and I use it as an insert on individual tracks. When it came up for sale it was an instant buy.
  • Does what it says!

    by Boris
    As the name implies, it immediately adds character to any given channel it's used on. Recommended!
  • Chracter

    by Hyo Jea Kim
    극적인 변화를 주는 프로세서는 아니지만 복잡한 믹스 속에서 지나치게 볼륨밸런스를 바꿀 필요 없이 존재감을 드러내거나 숨길 수 있게 도와줍니다.
    조작성에 대해 특별히 정해진 룰 없이 오로지 귀로만 듣고 판단할 수 있도록 만들어진 점이 특징입니다.
  • Love it

    by Angel Cano The Producer
    I love this thing on acoustic guitars, bass, and synths, I use it a lot.
  • Noveltech Character

    by Peeter Kaljuste
    I have taken advantage of familiarise myself with the plug-in during the 2 week trial period and absolutely love it! It works particularly well for vocals and base.
    After the 2 weeks I felt it was vital in my work so I have ended up buying it! Highly recommended!
  • Character

    by JH Studio
    I bought this plugin because I've been so amazed by Noveltech's Vocal Enhancer. This one does not disappoint. Just as I have used the Vocal Enhancer on acoustic guitars with great success, Character can work on vocals as well. Both plugins can shape your track in ways where EQ falls short. They are crisp and clear giving you focus on an instrument's clarity, allowing room for other instruments in your mix.
  • Time saver!!

    by Marcinho Fernandes
    The simplicity and versatility of this plugin makes it a time saver. I've found that it worked better without aggressive settings, especially on pianos, but is a really good and unique plugin.