Customer Reviews

  • Noveltech Character

    by andi
    i love this plugin and add it to some stuff, like drums, synths, ...
  • Underdog

    by B. van kaa
    This Guy is probably underestimated by a lot of people, yes it's an oldie. But man it's a killer plugin for sweetening acoustics, wether there percussions, guitars or orchestra. Especially on mixes where there's a lot of stuff going on, this thing helps to cut through.
  • Sound Producer

    by BROSCO
    great plugin. among hundreds of analogs, this one always stands out for its precise work. not important for voice or instrument.
  • Ahead of time

    by TonVE
    I think the guys who designed this were ahead about 5.5 db light years away
    This is something else!
    Real classy when you know how it is supposed to be used and then you get to know how to use it on your own track(s)
  • Great for Voiceover

    I just used this, after some corrective EQ on the voiceover for some sponsored segments in a major music award show. This thing was quick and effective to bring presence, character, life and clarity to the voice. Got it on sale, such great value!!
  • Makes your orchestra breathe!

    by Johannes Mazur
    Are you a film score composer? If yes this is an essential tool for you. Sometimes regular EQs just won't do the job... you know, orchestral sections are a delicate thing, you don't want to torture the natural timbre, but those horns just need some air, those string ostinati need more bite to cut through! That's the right moment to reach out for this special tool. Try it and you'll be surprised how much live was hidden under the blanket of mud.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Killer review! Thanks a lot and enjoy your new tool!
  • From Demo to Album!

    by Johnathan Kay
    I am new to psychoacoustics and just about realizing this incredible technology which goes way beyond conventional compression, multiband-compression, EQ, etc.
    The insane thing here is that this plug-in with pretty much, two knobs offers a full mastering!!
    It calculates the bad frequencies and pretty much removes them to reveal a bright, fully mastered mix, stereo enhanced, and brilliantly compressed.
    I tried it as the end of the mastering chain on a Rock track.
    To my utter amazement, it placed the guitars more in the room (as they should be), it brought out the snare to a ridiculously brilliant degree and made the track sound as though it came out of a Demo state and instantly became a releasable track for the market.
    I can't recommend it enough!!
  • Noveltech CHARACTER

    by dili

  • Subtle

    by Nick F
    Campared to most Saturation plugs this is subtle. And the more I've mixed the more I find myself adding this plugin to vocals, especially BVs. It brings out definition / character of the vocalist. It enhances the 'imperfections' of their voice - the things that make them sound like 'them' and that sounds weird to say but that's what I hear. Great for duo vocals / featured harmonies, AND for brass, sax and woodwind parts that need to be nice and warm but retain air/presence.
  • Must have for vocals!

    by Kirill Afonin
    This is my go-to 'instant enhancement' tool when mixing vocals. Gives all the clarity I need without being harsh. Also great on acoustic guitars.