Customer Reviews

  • Noveltech CHARACTER

    by dili

  • Subtle

    by Nick F
    Campared to most Saturation plugs this is subtle. And the more I've mixed the more I find myself adding this plugin to vocals, especially BVs. It brings out definition / character of the vocalist. It enhances the 'imperfections' of their voice - the things that make them sound like 'them' and that sounds weird to say but that's what I hear. Great for duo vocals / featured harmonies, AND for brass, sax and woodwind parts that need to be nice and warm but retain air/presence.
  • Must have for vocals!

    by Kirill Afonin
    This is my go-to 'instant enhancement' tool when mixing vocals. Gives all the clarity I need without being harsh. Also great on acoustic guitars.
  • Noveltech Character

    by Sawtooth Syndicate
    Used this on the powercore when it first came out and its still fantastic to this day. Easy to dial in with great results.
  • Love it

    by Love it
    Great easy to use Plug In.
  • Top Character

    by G I P Productions
    This unit is very nice, the best way to describe the "Character" is allowing this character' to come into your studio and pull the mask off every track being played...Now that's one bad (Character) I usually instantiate this plugin on the track before any other plugin, and tweek it to the sound I'm going for, and then I carry on with my mix knowing this plugin in the beginning will give me the character i'm going for at the end of my mix chain....This is one of those plugins you definitely should use your ear to dial in the sound & taste your going after, after all they gave this plugin the perfect name, as it give your mix that polished personal (Character)
  • Classic plugin

    by bb music
    This is very classic plugin,
    I often use it.
  • 绚丽的插件

    by liuyanbochang
  • Sorprendido

    by K r a d . F a c e
    La verdad que las apariencias engañan pues ante una estética un tan sobria y un poco extraña el juego que da es totalmente asosbroso , había oído hablar de esta herramienta , pero no estaba seguro de que era capaz (además su estética me echaba para atrás) probé la demo me convenció, la adquirí y ahora lo uso para casi todo aquello que la falta vida y quiero dársela de manera rápida y de manera dulce (Abre el sonido y dando un extra de una pizca de azúcar en los agudos , algo en los medios y recortando algo en las frecuencias más graves ) , de echo incluso he probado a poner un poco de efecto en el master y la verdad que le da su punto.
  • Mix Bus Must

    by Jay
    This plugin is a new mainstay in my mix bus. When I want to give a little extra something and open up an instrument's harmonics , Character steps in and does its thing. Not sure how, but it sounds damn good.