Customer Reviews

  • Chracter

    by Hyo Jea Kim
    극적인 변화를 주는 프로세서는 아니지만 복잡한 믹스 속에서 지나치게 볼륨밸런스를 바꿀 필요 없이 존재감을 드러내거나 숨길 수 있게 도와줍니다.
    조작성에 대해 특별히 정해진 룰 없이 오로지 귀로만 듣고 판단할 수 있도록 만들어진 점이 특징입니다.
  • Love it

    by Angel Cano The Producer
    I love this thing on acoustic guitars, bass, and synths, I use it a lot.
  • Noveltech Character

    by Peeter Kaljuste
    I have taken advantage of familiarise myself with the plug-in during the 2 week trial period and absolutely love it! It works particularly well for vocals and base.
    After the 2 weeks I felt it was vital in my work so I have ended up buying it! Highly recommended!
  • Character

    by JH Studio
    I bought this plugin because I've been so amazed by Noveltech's Vocal Enhancer. This one does not disappoint. Just as I have used the Vocal Enhancer on acoustic guitars with great success, Character can work on vocals as well. Both plugins can shape your track in ways where EQ falls short. They are crisp and clear giving you focus on an instrument's clarity, allowing room for other instruments in your mix.
  • Time saver!!

    by Marcinho Fernandes
    The simplicity and versatility of this plugin makes it a time saver. I've found that it worked better without aggressive settings, especially on pianos, but is a really good and unique plugin.
  • It Makes "that" Instrument Stand Out

    by MixingITB
    I've tried every technique in the book for bringing out a certain instrument or sound in a mix. Character does just that with finesse and precision. It almost feels like cheating. What normally took complex side chain routing is now done with just this handy little secret weapon to bring out a certain instrument or sound in a heavy mix...but not just the sound of the entire instrument, you can dial in on the specific part of the instrument that you find will help distinguish it in the mix.
    For instance, say you have a guitar and it's drowned out by a piano and a vocal. You can use Character to bring out either the plucks from the pick or fingers, or you can bring out the lower or higher tones (harmonics) of the vibrating strings. I totally overlooked this plugin because I thought it was just another saturator-based plugin but it really isn't completely that all. It is a unique and complex algorithm-based dynamic sonic enhancer. Just read the manual and you'll see.
    I could not recommend this more highly to use on any mix for an instrument or sound that needs doctoring. It has become an indispensable time saving tool in my toolbox. Character...great name for what it was designed for.
  • Noveltech Character

    by Denis Woods
    To be perfectly honest I thought this was a bit of a gimmick before I tried it, silly me!!!. Really very clever plugin that seems to boost frequencies and dynamics in a very musical way. Great for adding mid to top frequencies to a source with out harshness or ringing. Very transparent in operation and also very easy to use and I use it all the time now. Nothing more to say , simple to operate with some very smart processing under the hood, also very CPU light.
  • Fantastic

    by Protoculture
    Been a fan of this plugin since the TC Powercore days. Indispensable tool for making leads cut through the mix amongst other applications.
  • Noveltech Character

    by Secret Motion
    Fantastic sounding plugin just as good or better in my opinion than the original powercore version. Really enhances the characteristics for your synth vsts.
  • Review

    by Very Good
    This plugin is very very good and useful.