Customer Reviews

  • Mega Bundle

    by Mr. Wolfe
    You get a great variety of sounds for $25 a month. More than enough to make a good demo, or even a mix and mastered piece of music of your own.
  • MEGA Bundle

    by Krel
    Simply Amazing!
  • Just do it

    by D Lawrence
    The fact is, if you want to remain on the cutting edge, you have to pick a company and subscribe. And with how quickly PA releases stunning plugins this sub is a no brainer. It’s to the point where I can’t even keep up with them. But this sub is just worth it. The innovative synths they have been releasing, the great sounding consoles, the FX plugins... Just do your self a favor and subscribe. PA is in a league of their own.
  • One Stop Shop!

    by Richie Peña
    You cant find a better bang for you $$$. Great plugins. SSL, Neve, Shadow Hills, Focusrite and many incredible sounding plugins. This bundle has everything I need to complete my work with ease. One stop shop. Virtual synths are a major plus. Lion has become my go to synth. The possibilities are endless.Thank you Plugin Alliance!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you and enjoy!
  • MegaBundle

    by winston
    From Payment to Download to Installation took about an hour. That means, I opened up my DAW (Cubase 8), and all the new MegaBundle plugins were there, ready to be activated all at once, in a single connection.
    I then proceeded to record and mix the best vocal and guitar piece I've done in a long time, thanks to PA Mega Bundle. All the plugins work great, are very low on CPU resources, and come with very good presets, ready to apply to all types of music.
    The PA MegaBundle is probably the best 200 dollars I've spent on my studio set-up, ever.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you so much!
  • Same price as 20 years ago

    by Andre Dupke
    I can remember the times, 20 years ago, when I spend the same price for the analog gear I am spending today for one year of PA subscription.. -But in HOUR ONLY!
    Effects are awesome, but the synths are in the same league!
    Thank you!
  • Megabundle

    by svs95
    If you're making money from audio, and can't get vastly more value from these plug-ins than this subscription rate, you're just not trying. The sheer range from surgical EQs/compression to tone/character changers to outright mangling covers the waterfront from mixing to mastering. Natively, and with high efficiency. And no iLok!
  • Mega Bundle

    by fixintogetmixin
    Shadow Hills, SSL, Neve, Focusrite and so many more incredible sounding plugins. The possibilities are endless. This bundle has everything I need to achieve pure audio bliss.
  • Incredible value

    by garbagetruckdriver
    If you take your music production seriously or professionally, then you already realize that a subscription makes better financial sense. This bundle represents amazing value. All the tools you'll need are in this bundle, and the rate at which new products and updates are added, you'll be compatible, capable and inspired. There are surgical tools, and and there are tools that add character. Make sure you read the manuals though - there are too many great features under the hood to simply overlook!
  • Mega Bundle

    by Perry
    I've been a beta Tester for Plugin Alliance for over a Decade
    And I can Honestly say that with the Mega bundle you cannot go wrong.
    With all the different plug in and trhere are over 100+
    I have never been at a loss or need for anything else,
    They fill every need I have in Mixing and
    Recording I have some of the Hardware and have compared them to the plugins and I have yet to find a difference. The modeling that is used is beyond compare.
    They sound amazing and you will not be disappointed.
    What a great Bundle and Company. They have brought together modeled plugins for just about any hardware I have and in most cases many I don't but I have never been disappointed. Amazing products.