Customer Reviews

  • Professional tools made accessible

    by Dirk van Veldhoven
    As a heavy hitter I own quite a lot plugins from PA. And a lot of them have become essential tools in all my mixes. The amount of top notch products that they release each year makes the subscription an attractive alternative to buying and demoing for me. I also trust this company to keep up the good work of providing us with high end audio software and releasing the necessary updates in the ever changing world of music production.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you!
  • MEGA Bundle

    by Nick A.
    As many people i was against any type of subscription model. I was wrong.
    I was demo'ing the focusrite channel, and while my brain had multiple explosions by the quality of this plugin (as well), then through this sonic nirvana i realized the $$ i spend on all the plugins i bought in the past and for many reasons i dont use anymore, (I talk to you TDM users).
    That was the tip of the iceberg. The quality of the plugins are top notch, bx xl and digital v3 were already hardwired on my master fader. Every plugin I had purchased until that moment was amazing. SSL, AMek, everything. On top of that the customer support is A+++.
    And then i subscribed, i installed the bundle and then i faced my only problem: So many plugins,one better than the other. K- Magnum wt* this is a beast, the consoles, the amps, synths,and more to come in the future!
    Make no mistake, this is a perfect bundle in all aspects. Thanks PA!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you and rock on!
  • Never Knew I Needed It

    by Tory G
    So... In all honesty, I have been against the yearly subscription models of various other competitors. However, the quality and flexibility of the Plugin Alliance Mega Bundle is far more valuable to me than I initially realized.
    I previously owned a handful of plugins that i deemed were essential to my workflow. When a few of the new plugins came out, I immediately purchased the ones i demoed. So quality and functionality is not a question with Plugin Alliance - PERIOD. I spent the money.
    Later, I realized that I'll be needing to go on a strict budget which would not allow me to make purchases of plugins in the future...and trust me, there are some plugins that are offered that i would have loved to get my hands on. When Dirk and the game released the subscription model I quickly realized that I spent double the subscription amount just to own a couple plugins.
    Now, regardless of all that being said, I still believe in owning my plugins in case there is a rainy day in the future. However, I also believe that I've saved my self that future headache by budgeting the money i'll just reapply that to the next year's subscription with cash I've earned from business instead of shoveling out thousands.
    Lastly, Dirk has made it a concurrence to be able to own the plugins that we absolutely want to own. Which is great and I hope this remains as part of the business model moving forward!
  • most stunning are! fastest and high-quality

    by AeeB
    This is the most stunning are the fastest and high-quality plug-ins in the entire universe!) thanks you plugin-alliance for the quality and availability! You're the best!
  • Mega Bundle

    by cd
    Thanks for creating the Mega Bundle... it is a sweet way to get so many great Plugins!
  • Wow!

    by Martin Miller
    Now that's a flawless release - this is how you do it. Can't think of a better way to accomodate both long time customers as well as new ones. Proud of my fellow German, Dirk :)
    I've got this through the heavy discount via the newsletter as I previously bought a ton of products on here. Incredible deal and looking forward to all the future additions to the arsenal.
    Oh and first review, yay!
  • MEGA Bundle

    by michaelleto
    amazing...I'm so glad to see PA following the Slate Digital method. These plugins are amazing!
  • MEGA Bundle

    by Labofmusic Records
    No Words! Just pay and use it! Best Bundle on the Market 2019 :)
  • I could not be any happier right now!!!

    by OneDarkside13 aka Lukey B
    To be blunt, this is a no brainer deal of our lifetime!!! I didn't need to think, I just did!!!
    I am super happy and can't thank plugin alliance enough right now!
    Love it!!!