Customer Reviews

  • Mega Bundle

    by Mark Beling
    This bundle is by far the most used of all my plugins.
    If you haven’t tried some of these plugins in this bundle, I strongly suggest you do.... you will end up with a whole bunch of new “Go To” plugins.
    You get way more for what you pay for.
    Thank you Plugin Alliance!!
  • What a game changer

    by Cyrille Cassier
    Just and so far the best offer on the market.
    The quality of the tools is incredible. As a pro it is difficult, impossible not to use them! Congratulations on this excellent offer at a ridiculous price.
  • All you ever need

    by Peter Riese
    The mega-bundle includes everything you ever need. The quality of the plugs are well known and the variety of the 100+ plugIns is priceless. if you ever need to tweak your sound in a complete and superb way. look no further... My favourites are the channel strips (the focusrite is sooo great!), but also the dynamic-stuff like the Lindell 354 or the vertigo VSC-2 are a bomb. The unfiltered audio stuff is crazy! And even for mastering purposes the masterdesk is magic. So... here is everything you ever dreamed of... I had many of the tools in real life (as hardware) and this is the best replacement i can imagine.
  • mega bundle

    by Robert Babicz
    its my absolute GO TO place for all the tools i need on daily basis, you guys rock !!!!!!
  • Simply Amazing

    by subliminal spectrum
    I recently got a UAD interface and got my first taste of BX plugins with that. Needless to say I liked what I heard. However, I am morally opposed to boxing in my sesions to hardware so staying within that ecosystem is a no go. When I found many of the same plugins here in native format AND at this price. Yeah, it's truly a no brainer. I don't make money from my production so I can't justify spending hundreds or thousands for plugins, but at this rate all I have to do is smoke a few less cigars a month to justify the cost ;)
    Thanks for making such high quality processing so broadly attainable.
  • Make the switch!

    by AyyySensei
    I recently switched over from another competing "All-Access" subscription bundle and have to say that I haven't looked back since! While the other bundle me a bunch of emulations which have been done to death (1176, SSL4000, etc.), the PA bundle basically gave me that and so much more. A lot of really nice sound plugins and emulations that no other companies have yet which made me feel I was truly getting my money's worth. Not only that, but the plugins sound incredibly clean and not digital at all... Also includes a lot of plugins that just make your mixes sound instantly better with minimum effort. Would recommend to anyone, even people subscribed to other similar bundles.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you and enjoy!
  • What can I say?

    by Shawn
    Seriously, this is an amazing deal! Getting all the plugins, free updates, new plugins added almost monthly, and you get those too! The new plugins range from $149 to $349, so if you buy all the plugins you would be paying for about 50 years of subscription!
    The sound of these are amazing! Especially the SSL series consoles, and some of the mastering tools and compressors.
    Don't think, just get this bundle!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you. Enjoy your new tools!
  • Subscribtion

    by Mountclear
    This is a no-brainer. Sonically superior to any other bundle out there.
  • Yes!

    by BlairHallAudio
    Prior to the subscription I owned most of the PA catalog (and I still do!), but it was still a no-brainer to up for the subscription. Getting access to all the plugins plus the amazing new stuff that's come out and will be coming out made it an easy decision.
  • F...g Happy!=D

    by Awesome!
    I just wanted to give a BIIIG Thank u to dirk and all of his team. That's truly the deal of my life... All this high quality plugos all into my mac!! Haha...
    AWEEESOMEEEE!!!! Thanks again...