Customer Reviews

  • Wow!

    by Martin Miller
    Now that's a flawless release - this is how you do it. Can't think of a better way to accomodate both long time customers as well as new ones. Proud of my fellow German, Dirk :)
    I've got this through the heavy discount via the newsletter as I previously bought a ton of products on here. Incredible deal and looking forward to all the future additions to the arsenal.
    Oh and first review, yay!
  • MEGA Bundle

    by michaelleto
    amazing...I'm so glad to see PA following the Slate Digital method. These plugins are amazing!
  • MEGA Bundle

    by Labofmusic Records
    No Words! Just pay and use it! Best Bundle on the Market 2019 :)
  • I could not be any happier right now!!!

    by OneDarkside13 aka Lukey B
    To be blunt, this is a no brainer deal of our lifetime!!! I didn't need to think, I just did!!!
    I am super happy and can't thank plugin alliance enough right now!
    Love it!!!