Customer Reviews

  • Mega Bundle

    by Audiomilitia
    You cannot find Better Value for money out there , the Plugins that are included are Some of the best in the industry , not only is there massive variety & Quality but it is all backed by the actual Hardware developer. Best all these plugins are light on CPU and can run with almost no Latency while recording , This bundle seriously is a one stop shop catering for every need in an Audio engineer arsenal
  • Megabundle Review

    by Bob Scott
    The Megabundle from Plugin Alliance has become my go-to suite of plugins.
    There is so much creative scope within the bundle.. So much inspiration in here!
    Some of these plugs I use every day, and know like the back of my hand - such as the Milennia Audio Compresser TCL2 (Nothing else like it - so musical and fun) - and the NSEQ (insanely smooth shit!) , the TE100 (my secret weapon!) and EVERYTHING from unfiltered audio.
    But the real benefit is having literally tons of plugins - some of them I hardly use, but when I'm lacking that certain something - and wanting to experiment, there is a ton of amazing, very well thought out and designed plugins just waiting there to be explored and offer unexpected inspiration. - Sometimes not being familiar with your tools really has its benefits!
    Another hidden benefit is the super efficient licensing - no annoying dongles or iloks..
    Cant recommend hightly enough!
  • Comprehensive Toolkit

    by Tristan
    Everything fom precise digital tools to some of the most "analog" analog emulations available (looking at you TMT!), the PA roster of plugins does it all. Surgical problem fixing, broad strokes of polish, sound-design inspiration, it's all here! Only problem: if you get this bundle there are no excuses anymore ;) Can't wait to see what is added over the coming years.
  • It lives up to the name MEGA bundle

    by MixedbyMe
    I have been using PA plugins for about a decade, I was a slow adopter of subscription plans because I had invested so much money in perpetual licenses over the years,
    I have been challenged by the subscription model and converted to the Mega Bundle and if truthful I even subscribe to my Daw now as the math truly makes sense in a way that is clear and obvious,
    I see the future of software companies being secured with the subscription model and that means more to me than just using the plugins now,
    After having paid BIG money for many plugins only to have manufacturers disappear or fail to update and provide 64bit support, I truly appreciate the direction Dirk and team has gone to secure the longevity of PA,
    After all there is no other way to be 100% sure that the plugins that I use today will still be available in a decade.
    The Mega Bundle is growing and expanding and covers all needs wether you are a working professional or a happy hobbyist.
    Don't hesitate you will not regret it.
  • Colour & tone!

    by Michael
    The bx_SSL E series is my everyday go-to anyway, but the rest of this bundle has grown into something so impressive that all bases are covered. Those Ampeg bass amps ... wow!
    What I think is most useful is that while we've all got a huge glut of compressors and EQs, the Mega Bundle is full of tone changing devices (some of which are compressors and EQs) which make the REAL difference in our work.
    Also, the rate of growth is amazing - new plugins being added all the time.
  • Essential

    by Justin Perkins
    There is no shortage of plugin bundles and subscriptions these days, but the PA MEGA bundle is one of the few essential ones. It covers a wide range of needs from recording, mixing, production, as well as mastering.
    The Vertigo VSM-3 is like no other plugin out here. Saturation plugins are a dime a dozen but this is a special one that allows you to really hone in on specific frequency ranges, fine tune the sound of the saturation, and then blend it in to taste. It's really something special that can go from extremely subtle (for mastering), to heavy handed for mixing certain instruments, and everywhere in between.
    The bx_digital_v3 EQ is one of the few plugins that is on nearly every master I do, as well as the Dangerous BAX. The Vertigo VSM-3 would be too, except that the plugin was so great I had to get the hardware. The plugin does still get used though when I'm working entirely "in the box".
    I only do mastering now but especially if I was still mixing and producing, this bundle would be absolutely essential.
    Aside from great plugins, the authorization and admin side of things is one of the best implemented among all the various plugin companies. Very easy and hassle free.
  • Mega is MEGA!!

    by Simon B
    The number of tools and amount of tonal options that come with this bundle is absolutely wicked. EQs compressors, problem solving tools, guitar amps, creative effects and even synths now. The subscription makes affordable what otherwise may have been considered cost prohibitive.
    With so many companies under the one umbrella it’s not long at all before something new and exciting gets added. The best thing is, you don’t even have to wait. Just open up the Installation Manager and hit download. Done!!
    Personally, I would like to see a multiband dynamic eq and multiband compressor. Though they do have the bx_dynEQ and the Lindell 354 so you can get most of what you want from those. There is also the DSM and bx_panEQ which are extremely helpful in certain situations.
    ...and that TMT technology. Wow, simply wow!! Definitely worth the investment.
  • Incredible! All you need!

    by T-Lloyd
    The MEGA bundle is absolutely insane! There is so much competition out there for plugin subscriptions but as far as I am concerned; this is the deal to end all deals! Love it and couldn't mix without it!
  • Mega Bundle

    by Marco Forni
    This is a truly amazing collection of plugins for ANY need, mixing, mastering, sound designing.
    Here I always find the tool to make my sound just perfect.
    Top plugins quality, great company support.
  • Amazing Plugin Bundle

    by Stephen Buvoltz
    The amp sims and console plugins alone are worth the price, just amazing accuracy and realism! Jaw dropping tones! This is the best plugin bundle on the market today in my opinion!