Customer Reviews

  • Harman Curve Preset Pack

    by OCTO8R
    Once I glanced this masterpiece, its enigmatic functioning started drawing my attention. After watching videos, studying forums and explanations of Paul Frindle I grabbed it with no second thoughts.
    It's not only a compressor, expander or limiter, or multiband sound matching tool!
    It also can be unmasking tool in Sidechain mode. Comparing with iZotope Neutron 4 and Mastering The Mix FUSER, it worked the same but tuning and finding "the sweet spot" might seem tough. Nonetheless, It has the the smallest latency of 1,1 ms!

    by Little Cloud
    $40??? I cannot believe that the power of this thing is available for that price. I use this plugin for literally hundreds (or possibly thousands) of things, from the obvious vocal power it possesses under the hood, to snares and horns and guitars and stems and pianos and acoustic guitars, nykelharpes bazoukis and many many other purposes. It is the most versatile multiband differentiator Ive come accross. Bar None I totally am thankful to Brainworx and Plugin alliance for this one has become an absolute star to me in my everyday audio work.
  • Best Balancer I've Found

    by Stevie's Circus
    Pro Audio DSP DSM V3 is simply the best balancing tool I've ever used. Just like the description says, this tool will bring your individual tracks into line with other tracks on a project or to a standard for your studio without the often unnatural sound of EQ-based matching tools. Just capture your target or reference, and DSM will take it from there.
    I find that using the default profile at about -4.5 dB with my own captures at -16 LUFS gives an amazing result. I don't really care for the included profiles as I think they are all a bit much. But if you show some restraint (a little bit really does go a long way), you will be amazed how good tracks processed with DSM are.
    Lastly, it's pleasantly easy on system resources, too -- especially when you consider the type of tool this is. It's really a great product that I wholeheartedly recommend!
  • DSM V3

    by MANO
    Best !!!
  • ProAudioDSP DSM V3

    by 33eins
    seriously, THIS is the most underrated Plugin ever.
    Insane dynamic compression without any bad compromises?
    No unwanted coloring at all?
    I can only recommend, try it for yourselves!
    This plugin is beyond all you mostly ever knew about compression ...
    Because it does not sound like compression ...
    It just rocks the best out, even on crappy input signals.
    Check it out, you won´t be dissapointed!
  • an absolute weapon

    by dnb head
    They are right to call this thing a "secret weapon".
    It is a mix balancer, de-esser, compressor, limiter, and spectral side-chainer all in one. A cheat code for mix downs.
    The limiter is the most transparent limiter I have ever heard should you even need to use it after matching in/out levels.
    Once you master it, it is indispensable for bus and master processing, smoothing out the sound and getting rid of ticky digital highs. With the built in curves and curve capture, it provides an infinite array of colour and compression options. The cpu usage is staggeringly light for what it does.
    This is the kind of audio tool that computers were built for. An innovation in audio processing, as opposed to all the hardware clone plugs.
    A true modern classic.
    Long may it continue to be developed.
  • Five Stars is Inadequate...

    by Lucas
    This was an easy review to write. I have an intense dislike for automatic/AI plugins, not because I have an aversion to technology, but because they tend to be heavy-handed, and/or leave me with sub-par controls to remedy any judgements they make.
    I literally demoed this for 30min, on five separate tracks (all could be described as "completed-ish", but definitely not in any sort of polished, final mix stages,) and I was sold. It should be noted--five test tracks in 30min, with zero prior use--this thing is painless to operate, with not a lot more than essential compressor controls and a couple very smart additionals.
    The tracks that I tried it on were similar in that, even though they could be tentatively labeled Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, and Rock, they're all heavily, if not entirely, made up of well-sampled or real instruments. But, they all had different leading instruments: one with drums at the forefront, another with a Rhodes, another guitar, etc., and this thing performed wonderfully on all of them. Even tracks that were already controlled, with lite compression on sub-busses, and a bit of tape compression on the main busses, benefited from the precise compression applied by the DSM V3.
    I must admit that I can't see myself using the preset curves, and saving curves for future use seems foolish (though, some people might find this useful?) but that's only because this thing excels at reading the audio on-hand.
    Oh, and the CPU usage is ridiculously low, using approximately half as much as the MC77, and a third of the V76U73... not that they're similar in nature to one another, but just for a compressor benchmark.
    Seriously. Demo it. If it makes your material sound like crap, you're doing it wrong.
  • Amazing

    by Dave T
    Love it !
  • DSM V3

    by Rauschinger
    Just when you thought you could'nt get anny louder or precise in terms of de-essing...along comes Mr. Frindle and makes your day!

    by BLOKADA