Customer Reviews

  • Yeah, its really good

    by OverUsesReverb
    My review probably falls in line with everyone else in saying this thing is nuts! It takes a bit of time but once you understand how it functions the sky is the limit for sculpting. please do yourself a favor and rtfm. Works in just about any scenario where adjusting dynamics and tonality are the mission. I mean any.... from subtle bus limiting to full on sound design. Its made by a few former sonnox employees if that helps sell you on the quality that comes out the other side
    only note, yeah an automatic gain compensation option or numerical readouts for the metering would be super helpful. Making certain tweaks can drastically change the volume so youre left constantly juggling the gain the threshold
  • DSM V3

    by SpenceGabor
    Innovative technology applied to compression. Probably a solid addition to anyones arsenal of plugins.
  • Automatic Gain Compensation Option?

    by onehalph
    Great plugin, but please – is there any chance to implement the Automatic Gain Compensation option in some future update? I don't want to be fooled by the volume differences everytime I change any parameter within dynamics section. Please, please – it would be perfect!
  • why the double make up gain??

    by F.C.
    This is an incredible plugin, give it some time to learn how to properly use and it'll feel like you have unfair advantage compared to everyone else.
    There is something really annoying about this V3 version. I've used V2 as the main mastering process in every single project I've worked on since 2013, it's fair to say I know the thing and it's a fundamental piece of my workflow. The limiter is fantastic, it clips in a way that reminds me of clipping high end A/D converters and it's one of the reason I use it so much, the issue is: in V2 you could push into the limiter using the gain fader and the lower the overall output with the "out gain" fader, makes sense, right? well, apparently they felt like they needed to fix something that was perfectly fine and now you don't get control over the output of this thing, but you get two faders doing the same thing as the "out gain" fader is now placed before the limiter. I imagine that is so you can use the limiter even if the entire comp section is bypassed, but you could do that before too and why not ad a stupid little knob for an actual out gain? Now, you'll say to "just put a gain plugin after the DSM" which is exactly what I do, but the question is why? it's one of those extra steps that are just annoying more than anything else, especially because the old version didn't have this slight issue.
    ProAudioDSP, if you're listening, PLEASE add this tiny line of code, or simply make the "out gain" an actual "out gain" - THANKS xx
  • Good stuff

    by Don Bastiano
    It excels on a big variety of different sources. Good for both, mastering and individual tracks. Once dialed in on a concerned track, that track won‘t do without it anymore. I got hooked in no time.
  • Great tool if you learn it

    by olamas
    This is an extraordinary tool if you learn how to use it. It could cause some damage so be careful. I use it on all my masters now,
    Very good tool.
  • serious result !

    by odod
    this plugin has some serious result ... i mean, come on .. is just like cheating on every projects ! grab it right NOW or i call the police
  • Problem solver

    by Heiko Klüh
    Not for everything, but a real problem solver. I extended an older Music Master, extended that one with new instruments and could approve the sound from the past within a few clicks. I had sold the older hardware synth, but could adjust the new additional sounds to that older project in nice way.
  • DSM V3

    by Alfredo
    Professional, professional and professional sound and plugin. Is all what I can say, really impressive, maybe the best compressor for a master session, even if I have so many famous plugin and some hardware, this DSM V3 is really awesome.
  • DSM V3

    by Shramm Storm
    Can't believe how easy and fast you can get the exact sound you need with accurate (or bold) compression and very convenient tone shaping with DSM3. Love it!