Customer Reviews

  • Should be on every top 5 plugin list

    by Anton
    In my opinion this plugin should be on every top 5 plugin list. I am honestly amazed by how versatile this plugin is and how good it sounds.
    It almost feels like cheating, because it single-handedly does things for which I had to use 2-3 separate plugins before. Also, to my ears it sounds a lot nicer than other spectral dynamic plugins I’ve used before, even those which are more surgical in terms of cutting specific frequencies and resonances.
    Some examples of using ProAudioDSP DSM:
    - For smoothen out dynamic and resonant instruments
    Suppose there is a saxophone track in a very dense mix. Since it's a very dynamic instrument it peaks here and there across different frequency ranges, so to smoothen it out a regular EQ and compressor won't work, because sharp cutting or compressing in one section of the song might negatively affect other sections. Put this plugin on it, choose a preset (or capture a curve from your favorite track and apply to yours) or manually set the compression curve, set attack/release/other settings to taste and marvel at the fact that you might not need any other processing on this instrument.
    - As de-esser
    Put it on a vocal track with harsh “esses”, choose a de-esser preset or set the curve and other settings manually. This plugin is capable of removing harshness without touching other frequencies and without making vocals sound dull, as opposed to a standard one band de-esser which dips the entire frequency range above the set point. I put it on a vocal track which was recorded on a cheap microphone into a 16-bit audio interface in a poorly treated room. There were terrible “esses” which I could not deal with using any other de-esser or spectral dynamics plugins. DSM with a de-esser preset dealt with those in seconds. I could not believe how smooth it sounded, and it only dealt with these nasty resonances without touching any other frequencies, above or below, so the vocal was not sounding any darker. I can confidently say that DSM is the best de-esser I’ve tried so far.
    - For mixbus processing
    Again, you can capture a reference curve and apply it to your mixbus, or set parameters manually, or browse through presets (which I find quite useful for this task, especially tape presets). I tried it on one of the projects in which I removed 2 or 3 plugins (doing compression, equalization, subtle saturation and limiting) from my master buss and replaced them with a single instance of ProAudioDSP DSM. Then I applied a tape preset and set controls (threshold, attack, release, output gain) to taste. The result exceeded my expectations, the mix sounded better than with 3 separate plugins, each doing specific task it was designed to!
    Overall, it’s one of the best plugins I’ve tried in years. Huge thanks to Paul Frindle, Brainworx and Plugin Alliance!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank YOU!
  • Amazing

    by Dave T
    Love it !
  • DSM V3

    by Rauschinger
    Just when you thought you could'nt get anny louder or precise in terms of de-essing...along comes Mr. Frindle and makes your day!

    by BLOKADA
  • Great!

    by Naji
    You will read it's great for high end enhancement, I'd say it may get more applications, since it's pretty versatile. It's not great on everything, but when it's great, it's really great!
  • Scary !!!

    by 24k
    I'm no mastering engineer and I never thought id get this close to a professional master as this. Took me about 2 hours to figure out how it works. But once I did, it scared me how easy and fast it took to match my mixes/masters to reference songs. I'd use its limiter for sessions mixes but not big projects. But still, its good to have one if needed. Life would be easier if the in and out VU meters were one on top of the other, for example the in L next to out L and in R next to out R so I can level match. Now I just have to figure out where Its better to place it in the chain: first slot? last one before the main limiter? or somewhere inbetween?
    Really innovative. Id expect a frequency matching tool from these developers to go with it.
  • Pretty cool

    by Psysword
    It’s an interesting plug-in with a weak limiter so it’s a hit and miss for tracks of mine. Some sound spectacular right out with a few tweaks. Some don’t. I’m no expert and I’m still learning this crazy plug-in but it’s always a consideration on my master. Sometimes I can replace this with Shadow Hills Red which doubles up great. It’s a mix and match thing I feel, but when done right can deliver devastating results. Once the limiter is improved to solid brick wall power, I’ll put 5 stars.
  • Just what I was looking for

    by Liquid
    I am happy with every PA plugin I have bought so far. But this one takes the #1 spot and made me write my first review. I was in the middle of mastering a track, which I thought was sounding pretty good, until I tried DSM V3 at the end of the chain. After capturing a nice profile (Red Rain by Peter Gabriel) DSM V3 tamed the sound in such a nice way... and added that elusive HF magic dust. Seriously good plugin!
  • Yeah, its really good

    by OverUsesReverb
    My review probably falls in line with everyone else in saying this thing is nuts! It takes a bit of time but once you understand how it functions the sky is the limit for sculpting. please do yourself a favor and rtfm. Works in just about any scenario where adjusting dynamics and tonality are the mission. I mean any.... from subtle bus limiting to full on sound design. Its made by a few former sonnox employees if that helps sell you on the quality that comes out the other side
    only note, yeah an automatic gain compensation option or numerical readouts for the metering would be super helpful. Making certain tweaks can drastically change the volume so youre left constantly juggling the gain the threshold
  • DSM V3

    by SpenceGabor
    Innovative technology applied to compression. Probably a solid addition to anyones arsenal of plugins.