Customer Reviews

  • Up Stereo

    by Alex Hepting
    Good and fast plugin not just for the bold imaging but for leveling (adds each sound unique space without diving in physical modelling like the use of EQ and reverb). One of the top plugins for me to get extra clarity and depth from mono sources in a trustful way. Very helpful UI visualizing things where the soundsource is placed and how much blur is applied. For that reason earns a 5 s rating and without overhyping it really. Could live without it but it makes the whole process more simplified.
  • A different (and excellent) mono to stereo plugin

    by GPiazza
    One of the best Mono to Stereo plugins I've ever heard. It spreads the signal (in both panorama and depth) in a more natural way than most M > S plugins. It adds a nice sense of space or natural ambience while avoiding tricks like M/S re-balancing or frequency spreading common to older & more primitive plugins. An easy way to get some spread without relying on short reverb or delay, and the ambience it does add is smooth and natural. The HF rolloff tied to the depth axis is scaled well and transients get softer, much like moving a mic further from the sound source, which adds to the realism.
    The only issue is that the input signal must be panned hard left for it to work properly; this prevents instant On/Bypass comparisons; but this is a minor shortcoming.
    It may not be the perfect Mono to Stereo plugin for all occasions (sometimes the added ambience is inappropriate for the material), but it is definitely in my top three.
  • Can be more convincing than reverb...

    by CG
    A great “secret weapon” for adding some depth and space to mono sources without necessarily adding more reverb.
    Note that, like other “stereoisers”, extreme settings can mess with left/right phase coherence, so use with caution. That said, it sounds nothing like any other “faux stereo” effect I’ve ever used. Wonderful realism.
  • Forget reverb. This is how you put an instrument in a physical space.

    by chris_the_beard
    I'm a big fan of bx_stereomaker so I thought I'd try this one out too. Turns out, it's quite different, but in the best way.
    I love this thing on mono acoustic instruments in a dense mix. Particularly banjo and mandolin. You can really hear the depth and positioning this plugin allows. I'd much rather use this than a reverb for putting an instrument "in a room" or in it's own physical space.
    Another fun trick: try automating the distance control during solos. It sounds very natural bringing an instrument to the front for a lead, then pushing it back afterwards. I'm in love with this thing.
    Very powerful. A must-have for me.
  • Interesting Space

    by Audiomilitia
    Wow , Perfect for adding depth and a bit of charachter to your Vst Instruments that are sounding a bit flat , Really Nice !!
  • Mono Upmix

    by Eddie Torres
    This plugin has helped me improve my final mixes on film and music. Another must have tool for all engineers and producers. Great job Plugin Alliance!
  • mono upmix

    by jay kru
    Love this...sounds great....wish it was less of a cpu hog.
    Prefer this to put an instrument in a 'space' than reverb.
    If it didn't make my system lag and mess up I'd give it 5 stars.....but.
  • It's awesome

    by Shramm Storm
    I never had any regrets about PA plugins, and this is not the exclusion. Mono Upmix works just like magic, making a beautiful stereo picture from mono source(s) with a correct phase in just a few clicks. Love it.
  • SCHOEPS Mono Upmix

    by Ebro
    Good, very good, good friend of mine.
  • A great buddy to bx_stereomaker

    by James Mullen
    PA is right, this plugin is similar to what you do with bx_stereomaker, but it sounds very different as it seems to achieve its sounds in a slightly (or totally?) different way.
    The Schoeps sounds very nice on vocals and strings and piano, whereas the bx is performing better on short percussive signals.
    I needed and will use both. ;-)