Customer Reviews

  • My new standard for mastering and drum bus

    by schrubbi
    The classic Shadow Hills compressor quickly became a standard in my mastering chain after its release, and it was soon impossible to imagine life without it. It also conquered the drum bus. Now there is the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Class A version, and puts a cream topping on the mastering process. It offers exactly the functions that enrich this unit. The graphics are excellent, and the sound reflects the original amazingly well. For me it is really the perfect choice in the mastering chain.
  • Sonic perfection!

    by T-Lloyd
    Absolutely love this thing; its an absolute beauty! We have the real thing in the studio and I find myself reaching to this plugin all the time for both the sound quality and the flexibility. They really knocked this one out of the park!
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    Wow, that's great to hear from somebody who owns the real thing. Well, now you have MANY units available in any mix. Thank you for the review, and enjoy. Dirk
  • Dream Compressor

    by Audiomilitia
    Take your mixes from a Tickle to a Thump , Discrete to Colored ..This Compressor is Precise , Musical and highly adaptable to any task or mix requirements .It oozes Quality from the Design to the Nuts n Bolts ...A flawless Emulation that enables you to have a Shadow Hills on Multiple Tracks in every Mix .This Plugin Has not left my Mastering Chain since i got it .!!! Highly Recommended
  • A Mastering Compressor

    by D. Puzia
    A lot of beef here, also smooth and yet it can deliver a punch! Great job guys, love it!
  • Mastering Compressor Class A

    by Alfredo
    Perfect, it is all the analog compressor feeling and options that I need. Even if I have so many compressor (so many professional level, on hardware and plugin), in the cathegory of emulation this one is the best, incredible.
    Thanks for this, just my favorite compressor, a winner team with the Lindell 354E for the multiband porpouses.
    Great, a really must to have compressor the Mastering Compressor Class A.
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    Thank you and enjoy!
  • One of the best

    by bd
    Really loving the sound of this one. Just what I needed on a recent master. It's up there with the best of them.
  • What a killer!

    by Cyrille Cassier
    If you want to find the sensations that seemed to you forever in the algorithms world, this emulation is made for you!
    For mix or mastering, this compressor does wonders without destroying the signal even with pushed adjustments. Bravo to the whole team!!!
    Best regards from France
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  • astering Compressor Class A

    by Felix Eder
    Fantastic for Mastering! I have been using the other version for a while now and love it but this one knocks it out of the park. You guys did it again.
  • the SHMC Class A is bonkers

    by Tiki Horea
    This plugin sounds so good. It's a very versatile compressor.
    It's easy on your CPU, despite it being a mastering compressor.
    You get great sounds with little effort.
    If you used the hardware version, you already know it's a beast.
  • SHMC Class A Mastering Compressor

    by Neil Wilkes
    Just when you thought that the whole subject of Mastering Compressors was a done deal, what with the UAD Neve 33609 & API 2500 and the UAD & Native versions of the original SHMC.
    Then we get this one out of nowhere which has all the goodness of the original plus a whole section that simply isn't there on the hardware version like the unique TMT plus other things making this eminently suitable for vinyl work as well like the Mono Maker, Parallel Mix Control, Headroom variability, M/S and more.
    This is still a beast, and with so many options can seem overwhelming at first but it really does pay those who persevere with it and learn how to use it - the learning curve is worth the effort in the end and these days I am finding it is my absolute "go to" mastering compressor and I will only swap it out on those extremely rare tracks that for some reason don't seem to respond well and they are very few indeed.
    This is the magic box you have been looking for all your life - so what are you waiting for? Buy it today!
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    Thanks for the detailed review!