Customer Reviews

  • The most natural analog comp plugin!

    by miura
    Brainworx claims class A has punchier sound.
    But,I love its natural sounds on subtle comp setting.
    It is the most analog comp plugin I've ever had!
    And UI zoom function is helpful.
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    Thank you and enjoy!
  • Class A

    by Rick Veneer
    I have been enjoying using the original "green" version of this wonderful compressor, but I have to say that I am loving this version even more. Having both the optro and discrete comps per channel with the ability to select either or both together is a winner (common to both versions of course) and the sound quality and performance of both is A1, but the added feature set and exceptional sound of this version is something else.
    Bloody marvellous. Class A.
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    Thank you Rick!
  • class a

    by Doc
    wow!!! I was actually blown away by the clarity and depth of this unit ...I love the green one; but this is a step above..def more aggressive; but absolutely musical and guys are the best, I hear so many negatives because p/A doesn't create more 1176's guys have the best selection of tools in the game, thank you!!!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks, and we even have a great 1176-style unit with our Purple Audio MC77. If you love 1176 sound, we believe this plugin will not disappoint anybody.
  • Shadow Hill mastering Compressor Class A

    by neal1047
    Brainworx has done it again. No need anymore for any separate 2-compressor solutions for mastering. Initially I was put off by the clunky retro styling, but WOW! There is no guesswork with this one. Hearing is believing. Very flexible. This is so much better that some of my non-professional kludgey solutions I've tried. You guys are the best!
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  • Great

    by CC
    To be honest: The last month I've bought and tried several compressors for Mastering including the "green" Shadow Hill, but I wasn't fully satisfied. Now PA / Brainworx introduced the Class A and I have to say: They've landed a direct hit. This plugin has its own character, adds punch, TMT is great etc. I like "Iron" (it's neutral for me), which fits my taste. Btw.: I'm using it mainly for electronic music (Trance) and it's doing a great job here. Thank you.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Please enjoy!
  • Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Class A

    by JEF
    Bought the upgrade on Day 1, swapped it with the Green on my Master Buss -Wow! The enhanced depth, width, and timbre are markedly different from the Green. Very impressive and worth every penny. Another winner from Brainworx and Plugin Alliance.
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    Thank you and enjoy.
  • Class A has it all !!!

    by Produce_in_the_box_fr
    Once again the brainworx team and plugin alliance placed on another level, works it in the box !!! and once again I say Bravo it's exellentissime!!! Donat.L (produce in the
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you!
  • Shadow Hills MC Class A

    by Dj Cocodil
    The Best Compressor for my masterings.
  • Fantastic Addition!!

    by StreetMuzikATL
    Very very nice mastering compressor. Super useful for a variety of very musical circumstances!
  • First impressions

    by adogg4629
    I didn't do any aliasing tests, so I can't give it five stars yet. As of now, this is basically just as good as the old one (which I have both UAD and PA versions of and use all the time) updated with TMT and more refined VCA emulation. They didn't go overboard with the new features (thank god). I rarely gush over plugins, but am willing to make an exception in this instance. If it's aliasing distortion is under -70db at 44.1Khz, I'll give this another star!