Customer Reviews

  • Shadow Hills Class A Edition

    by Avatar Studio
    Shadow Hills Class A Edition . wow, It is very very good. This is all I need. Great sound, features, with this I have absolute control of all the final mix. a pure diamond that makes the music shine. Thanks P. A. :)
  • Shodow Hill Compressor

    by Perry
    Outstanding Mastering compressor!
    Sounds Great!
    Also great for All types of compression.
  • Great compressor for mastering

    by Kasper Larsen
    This compressor is perfect for mastering! Great tool and great sound.
  • One of the best plugins ever!

    by Thomas / Germany
    I have a lot of plugins from Plugin Alliance - but this is my very first comment. I am just lazy to write. This Class A modeling sounds so good in every way. In comparison to the green one you can hear extended low end, more warmth and such a clear and almost unhearable compression. So musical! I think this plugin is setting new standards.
  • Shadow Hills Class A

    by MixedbyMe
    As a mastering engineer I have been truly and very pleasantly surprised by how this is so pleasing to my ear, when used subtly it adds weight but when used liberally it still sound great.
    A fantastic addition to the range
  • Shadow Hills Class A Mastering Compressor

    by Mark Beling
    HI. I ain't no mastering Engineer but i am a Commercial Mixer for various styles of music. I have tried This Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor on my 2 buss and this Plugin is Thick and gooey . It has a weight that it adds to the sound that eq does not do. I absolutely love the blending of the Optical and Discreet circuits. Thank You Plugin Alliance!!! Amazing Plugin
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks for the detailed review, and enjoy.
  • Tone for days & flexibility

    by Manuel T.
    I'm truly loving the newly added bx features to this already great sounding plug-in. The TMT, M/S, Stereo Width and Mono-Maker function make it super easy and intuitive to dial in just the sound I want from the compressor. Saves me quite some time in every session now - great work, "PA, BX & SH"! ;)

    by Stephen Buvoltz
    The Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor has been my favorite for quite a while now and now the Class A can be found on every project I'm recording and mixing in my studio!
    Versatile two-stage compression along with switchable transformer stages give a wide variety of tones and the Class A version includes the Brainworx extra unit with TMT technology! This is one sweet and transparent sounding compressor that I often use for acoustic instruments!
    It's amazing to me the complete control this can add to the sound of my original music and amp sim demos, I highly recommend it!
  • My new standard for mastering and drum bus

    by schrubbi
    The classic Shadow Hills compressor quickly became a standard in my mastering chain after its release, and it was soon impossible to imagine life without it. It also conquered the drum bus. Now there is the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Class A version, and puts a cream topping on the mastering process. It offers exactly the functions that enrich this unit. The graphics are excellent, and the sound reflects the original amazingly well. For me it is really the perfect choice in the mastering chain.
  • Sonic perfection!

    by T-Lloyd
    Absolutely love this thing; its an absolute beauty! We have the real thing in the studio and I find myself reaching to this plugin all the time for both the sound quality and the flexibility. They really knocked this one out of the park!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Wow, that's great to hear from somebody who owns the real thing. Well, now you have MANY units available in any mix. Thank you for the review, and enjoy. Dirk