Customer Reviews

  • Class A has it all !!!

    by Produce_in_the_box_fr
    Once again the brainworx team and plugin alliance placed on another level, works it in the box !!! and once again I say Bravo it's exellentissime!!! Donat.L (produce in the
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you!
  • Shadow Hills MC Class A

    by Dj Cocodil
    The Best Compressor for my masterings.
  • Fantastic Addition!!

    by StreetMuzikATL
    Very very nice mastering compressor. Super useful for a variety of very musical circumstances!
  • First impressions

    by adogg4629
    I didn't do any aliasing tests, so I can't give it five stars yet. As of now, this is basically just as good as the old one (which I have both UAD and PA versions of and use all the time) updated with TMT and more refined VCA emulation. They didn't go overboard with the new features (thank god). I rarely gush over plugins, but am willing to make an exception in this instance. If it's aliasing distortion is under -70db at 44.1Khz, I'll give this another star!
  • Shadow Hills Class A Edition

    by Avatar Studio
    Shadow Hills Class A Edition . wow, It is very very good. This is all I need. Great sound, features, with this I have absolute control of all the final mix. a pure diamond that makes the music shine. Thanks P. A. :)
  • Shodow Hill Compressor

    by Perry
    Outstanding Mastering compressor!
    Sounds Great!
    Also great for All types of compression.
  • Great compressor for mastering

    by Kasper Larsen
    This compressor is perfect for mastering! Great tool and great sound.
  • One of the best plugins ever!

    by Thomas / Germany
    I have a lot of plugins from Plugin Alliance - but this is my very first comment. I am just lazy to write. This Class A modeling sounds so good in every way. In comparison to the green one you can hear extended low end, more warmth and such a clear and almost unhearable compression. So musical! I think this plugin is setting new standards.
  • Shadow Hills Class A

    by MixedbyMe
    As a mastering engineer I have been truly and very pleasantly surprised by how this is so pleasing to my ear, when used subtly it adds weight but when used liberally it still sound great.
    A fantastic addition to the range
  • Shadow Hills Class A Mastering Compressor

    by Mark Beling
    HI. I ain't no mastering Engineer but i am a Commercial Mixer for various styles of music. I have tried This Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor on my 2 buss and this Plugin is Thick and gooey . It has a weight that it adds to the sound that eq does not do. I absolutely love the blending of the Optical and Discreet circuits. Thank You Plugin Alliance!!! Amazing Plugin
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    Thanks for the detailed review, and enjoy.