Customer Reviews

  • Amazing

    by Dave T
    Wow !
  • My New Baby

    by Saturn Voyager
    No words for this one, it feels like a real piece of hardware, it´s like everything I run through it gets magical improved, not only for mastering, it works on everything!
  • Wow

    by Drewfus
    I'm still learning how to master and unleash the full power of this compressor, but so far it has been an excellent addition to my arsenal. I especially love the Bass Two-Stage preset. Slap that on the bus and you get magic. Excellent on drum bus and 2-bus as well.
  • Class A

    by Mastering Compressor
    One word HUGE !!!!!!!!!!
  • Shadow Hills Class-A

    The last week or so I've tried the Shadow Hills Mastering Class-A Compressor (trial period) and tonight I bought it! I already had the "Green" Vintage and I went with the "Red" Class-A upgrade. Definitely a huge difference between the two, I like them both but the Class-A Upgrade has an "Openness" that I like for Mastering, along with M/S, Mono, Stereo, Optical etc. Great Plugin!
  • SHMC Red

    by Onesimus
    Saw that there was a discount for the SHMC Red because I already owned the green. I am certainly not disappointed! This Plugin has distinguished itself from anything I already own. I am still learning how to use dynamics, so I am hoping you can direct me to some good tutorials. I don't think there is another one out there that can compete with this one.
  • Kick-ass

    by Elephantone
    I have the luck to own the hardware version of this plugin. A couple of years ago, while mixing remotely, i tried the UAD version of the plugin but wasn't too impressed.
    But yesterday, I decided to give a go to the Red version, especially since AAX DSP is supported, and i am really, i mean REALLY convinced. It's slick, pro sounding, with extra m/s and headroom options. Seriously, it's the first plugin review i ever wrote, and i own tons of em.
    This one is next level.
    And is (God I hate to say this) damn close to the hardware.
    Oh, just let you know also that your BX eqs are embedded on my every sessions template.
  • Sounds incredible

    by Psysword
    I got this humongous compressor and boy straight from the presets, it’s all guns firing. I’m no great engineer but it sure makes my bassline and mix such an extra thwack. My master is now not complete without the Red. Such an addition of a thick and often repeated description, that expensive sound. Will bring a smile on your face guaranteed. Happy mixing!
  • Shadowhill the red one

    by Peter FROG
    I was already impressed by the classic green one. This one is even better, full of analog mojo. The best comp i've ever tried for mastering, but also so efficient on the drumbus that it has replaced my api 2500 ! No use pushing it too much : just a little db réduction for both optical and discrete, for a wonderful résultat.
  • A+

    by Brougkr
    Best mastering compressor I have used to date. Sounds amazing no matter what you throw at it. Love to use the additional modes such as M/S, parallel, and monomaker on all of my work.