Customer Reviews

  • Does exactly what it says

    by JSPVL
    This does exactly what it says "on the tin," as the saying goes. Pulls reverb/transient tails out of audio to give you a more controlled, intimate, sound. I used it the other day on some guitars that had too much reverb, causing too much mud in the mix. Slapped this as an insert on the track and cracked the "reduction" knob to taste and it was perfect. Now the guitars fit perfectly in the mix without the mud. Simple. Effective. and affordable. Get this plug-in now.
  • 100% recommendable

    by John Walls
    Super easy to use. Makes the work thats need efficiently just with one knob !! Easily got rid of excess room noise . I didn't even have to readjust the output gain and it also gives it a super cool analog character. Thank you so much Plugin Alliance. I´ll tell everybody that mixes.

    by DUB C EAST 49
    I have a room thats untreated and this plugin did the job!
  • The secret to room bleed

    by Overdrive Music
    When clients send me their home-recorded vocals, chances are, they've recorded in a small, untreated room, on a large diaphragm condenser mic. When compressing the vocals, this room sound amplifies if untreated. The SPL de-verb is a highly effective and efficient way to significantly reduce room bleed.
  • HomeStudio fix

    by Gerhard Schoener
    I often work with suboptimal vocals and you might not even be aware how suboptimal your vocals actually are, until you know what to listen for. Most vocals, that are not recorded well and in a studio have "room" on them. And you don't want this.. makes your vocals sound "washy" and "out of place" .. and that makes it much harder to fit them in a mix - since it has a room on it, that is on nothing else.
    This plugin works. It can fix that issue. Sometimes it fixes it better, sometimes not so good - but it's almost always an improvement (unless you have perfect vocals). I love it. Very useful!
  • Works!!!

    by Emiliano Zapata
    It works in a very naturally way. Of course i will not use this on max settings but it can help a lot. Works perfectly on Macs M1
  • Useful Tool

    by Saturn Voyager
    This is a beautiful one from SPL. Just perfect for giving that extra professional taste to any voice, guitar or drum recording.
  • De-verb Plus

    by Vitaly
    Not as good as I expected. Accusonus ERA4_Reverb Remover does its job much better and cleaner.
  • Magical!

    by tdominey
    I'm amazed at how well this plugin works. Simply turn up the left knob, adjust the gain, and presto - room reverb and echo is nearly gone without any noticeable loss of sound quality. Really helped tighten up and focus my vocals.
  • This plugin is incredible!

    by Matt Zoa
    I'm astounded at how well this plugin works!
    My "home studio" room reverberates and flutter-echoes like crazy due to hardwood floors, no acoustic panels/foam on the walls, etc. So, needless to say, I've always had a ton of nasty room echo baked into my vocal tracks. Until now. With De-Verb Plus, I can simply turn up one knob and near-totally remove the baked in room echo, down to the point of what you would have in a pro studio with "controlled" reverb that has installed acoustic panels/diffusers/etc.
    I can now sit comfortably at my desk, and knock out track after track vocally (delivering my best takes) where before I was huddling over in the closet, running back and forth to the computer, and even building poorly constructed "blanket forts" for vocal booths!
    Back in the day, this used to be impossible to correct in post. What an age we are living in.
    Thank you SPL and Plugin Alliance for providing this amazing tool! I wouldn't think of ever having a vocal track without this plugin on it from here on out.
    I'm saving a ton of $ on acoustic treatment, and I get to keep all of my cool posters on the wall instead of covering them in foam/panels/etc.
    Can't recommend this highly enough if you are recording vocals @ home in a bad-sounding room. Get. This. Plugin. The End.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks for the detailed review!