Customer Reviews

  • Very handy!

    by baniza
    Very handy tool. Helps remove unwanted reverb from most files. Usually does a great job!
  • SPL De-Verb

    by muso67
    Great plugin when you need it. It really saved my butt to get rid of unwanted ambience of audio tracks when you have no other choice. I was amazed at how well it worked. Great Job guys!
  • Life saver plugin.

    by SriKala
    I love spl de-verb. Saved me many times when I receive vocals that are not recorded in the right room and atmosphere. It is an essential to my music production tool kit!
  • Best Value, Performance and De-Verberation

    by JohnJoe
    I tired a multitude of different De-Reverb and I found SPL De-Verb to be the best one. I tested under the assumption that it could remove reverb from sample library files and it does it with ease. There is 0 latency, the performance is stellar, Practically no impact on RAM so it does not hog precious resources and it actually adds transients which other De-verb plug-ins do not.
    Even if you do not need to use this plug-in often it is one that you would be foolish not having in your arsenal. It is crazy simple to using no complications with learning what each knob does its pretty self explanatory.
    Using it as an effect is pretty useful too. If you have a long reverb tail it will remove the initial reverb you added yourself and leave the tail like a reverse gate effect which can sound pretty great!
    I do not write reviews for any product I purchase but if I'm happy with what it does especially if its a VST I'll pay my due respect for it. But rest assured if I was unhappy you would know about that too!
    Do Not read this review and instantly purchase try it for yourself and see if you can resist the purchase it will change the way you mix in the best way possible. Love It!
  • love it but....

    Works in Logic. Doesn't work in Vector 3, Sound Studio 4. Locks up. So I'm not happy all the way. Need it for simple mastering. Had the old De-Verb and hoped the new one had these bugs worked out.
  • De-Verb Plus

    by HandsOnSound
    I've been using the De-Verb Plus for about a month now after having great success with it's predecessor, De-Verb. Both are super easy to use and give instant results without a lot of fussing with knobs and parameters. Though I've applied De-Verb Plus to some musical projects, it's mostly seeing time removing the room from dialogue and interview tracks that I've recorded on location. easy and simple to use...clean and none of the irritating artifacts that some other manufacturer's plug ins introduce.
  • De-Verb Plus

    by eric b.
    I really enjoi the additional features. Good sounds improvement. Do exactly what the De-Verb with little extra mojo.
  • Enhanced Quality

    by Alex Hepting
    For convenience try this de-verb on supersaw synth, this makes also raw and edgy synth sounds very gentle - a new sweet spot. Some of the synth and drum samples coming with unwanted ambience. De-verb removes them without any artifacts. It gives you the power to bring in new ambience for example plate/hall or resonance box. You could do the same thing with eq but the character of the de-verb is much more fine grained. To restore some ambience it could be mixed with pink noise to some few amounts. I don't mind if someone uses this tool for mastering.
  • Mission Accomplished

    by Rick Veneer
    I have had the Transient Designer for many years and it is one of the best tools in my audio toolbox, so I was keen to try these new updated plugins.
    I had a one hit conga sample that was seriously awash with reverb, so I put the De-Verb Plus on the track. It reduced the reverb considerably, but didn't remove it completely, so I put another De-Verb Plus straight after it and the rest of the reverb disappeared altogether.
    Dry as a bone! I didn't have to worry about levels because of the new built in limiter. This was an extreme case that would have been pretty impossible to fix in the past. For the usual de-verb chore one instance would be fine.
    Mission accomplished. Great plugin.
  • Kick Saver

    by Dan
    I've been working on a mix where the recording on the inside kick mic was ridiculously boomy, I'm guessing the drummer uses no dampening. I tried everything eq, expansion, de-essing, transient processing, but couldn't get it quite right. I tried de-verb and got a usable sound really quickly, add a dash of eq, and some frequency dependent transient processing, and voila, ace kick sound from something that was basically horrible.