Customer Reviews

  • Love it

    by Spl
    I love this plugin and I use in all my mixing
  • Simple and efficient

    by Goodwilly
    Very simple in use, but efficient i effects :) - I have first version of this plugin (De-Verb), but this one is super convenient because of dry/wet mix possibility and peak limiter, which makes the scale of regulation much wider.
  • De-Verb Plus

    by Haetni
    I use it some times for postproduction where it works very nice. Normally I am a big fan of the Waves NS-1 but some times these is not enough or it is better with a different effect algorithm. The Plus-Version is also e nice enhancement of the Plug-In.
  • Love, Love, Love This Plugin!

    by m2
    I use this all the time to remove excessive verb from imported stems. De-Verb Plus is as simple as it gets to use, and sounds fantastic.
  • Nice!!!

    by Mr. Chiboiborn
    I love the new feature of the De-Verb, to remove the ambience off certain sounds that can be over processed fx. Love the simplicity!
  • De-Verb Plus

    by roha
    It works!
  • Saved my song!

    by JimGramze
    A real life example: Back in the day I recorded a piece of music and put too much reverb on it because I was using a keyboard amp in an untreated room to judge by. I have lost the original project. I bought SPL De-Verb Plus and applied it to that finished music file and like magic in about a minute I was able to remove the excess reverb without harming the audio. Brilliant and simple plug, worth it for saving one song.
  • DeVerb Plus

    by Michael Benner
    DeVerb Plus is a great plugin for removing or modifying added reverb. Unfortunately, it seems not to work well on the reflected echoes caused by recording in a large room. Still, very happy to have it in my plugin tool kit.
  • Handy tool

    by Anil nc
    It worked for me to some extent. But not much difference compared to the previous version
  • De-Verb Plus Review

    by Boyd
    I have used this plug-in with Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro X and it made a definite improvement in some video that was shot in a large room using only the on-camera mic. Don't expect any miracles, but it can help. Tried it on some opera footage that I felt had a bit too much reverberation and didn't feel it helped there. Had to keep the setting at a pretty low level or it created some odd effects so I decided not to use it there. All in all, it's a useful plug-in to have in my library though.
    The bad part is that it frequently crashes Final Cut Pro X (seems more stable in Logic though). My main complaint is that I had to purchase a paid upgrade from the original De-Verb that I bought less than a year ago because that isn't compatible with the new versions of Logic and Final Cut Pro. At least there was a discount upgrade price for owners of the original version.