Customer Reviews

  • Works on everything

    by THIS
    There’s lots of transient designers out there but this one by SPL works on pretty much any source. I don’t think I’ve made a track without it.
  • For the perfect snare

    by Niklas wag
    Love it.. always in my snare chain.
  • Must Have Plugin period!

    by David Tantama
    This is one of the very best plugins I ever purchased. It allows me to reshape the recorded sound, add/reduce reverb without using reverb plugin, etc. This has been essential when I mix classical orchestra as well as rock or even EDM. Highly recommended!
  • Transient Designer Plus

    by audioangel
    Simply the best. That's why is has a plus in the name. Love it!
  • SPL Transient Designer

    by magnus_pe
    Best Transient tool ever
  • TDP

    by Natemasterflex
    The SPL TDP is one of the best transient adjusters I’ve ever used, and it’s certainly my favorite! The ease of use makes it a reached for tool in every project and the quality of sound assures that I will keep it in my arsenal for the foreseeable future. I own an insane amount of plugins, but honestly it’s a group of about 30 that are used in the bulk of my work. The SPL TDP is one of those plugins that I wouldn’t be without. It’s definitely as good as the hardware version in my opinion. If someone asks me about adjusting transients, this is what I tell them to use.
  • The best transient designer

    by midmodman
    There are so many tools for shaping transients now, but this is still the best and the fastest one in my book.
  • So simple, so good.

    by Thermal
    For a long time I held off on upgrading from the original TD to TD+ as I didn't really see the added value. However, when I tried it I was amazed at how useful it is to target a specific frequency range for transient shaping. Also, the mix knob is highly useful to get the shaping just right. Perfect user interface, super sound. Top marks from me!
  • Very good quality

    by Frank
    Perfect in your mix. Very good sound quality. Easy to handle.
  • Standard

    by EA
    Industry standard if you dont have it you are ducking up !