Customer Reviews

  • Carpenter's Square

    by Ben James
    Any experienced builder or carpenter will tell you that if you know what you're doing, your most important tool won't be your hammer, tape measure or pencil... it's your carpenter's square. I feel like this plugin is that. Early in mixing I didn't understand transients or why you would even want to touch or alter them. Now I can't imagine working and not having this in my arsenal. Thank you!
  • Must have tool

    by Michael.K
    Simple and amazing sound!
    This one really delivers good for shaping transient of any sound a must have I think...
  • Transient Designer Plus!!!

    by Fiery Water Recording Studio
    The Transient Designer Plus is the plugin is the exact copy of the SPL outboard !!! I use it on every mix, it's the first plugin that I insert on the mic tracks to the drum spot !!!
  • Transient designer plus

    by Schornie
    Gut zu gebrauchen bei Drums
    Geben noch extra Punch damit das Signal sich besser durchsetzten kann
  • Works on everything

    by THIS
    There’s lots of transient designers out there but this one by SPL works on pretty much any source. I don’t think I’ve made a track without it.
  • For the perfect snare

    by Niklas wag
    Love it.. always in my snare chain.
  • Must Have Plugin period!

    by David Tantama
    This is one of the very best plugins I ever purchased. It allows me to reshape the recorded sound, add/reduce reverb without using reverb plugin, etc. This has been essential when I mix classical orchestra as well as rock or even EDM. Highly recommended!
  • Transient Designer Plus

    by audioangel
    Simply the best. That's why is has a plus in the name. Love it!
  • SPL Transient Designer

    by magnus_pe
    Best Transient tool ever
  • TDP

    by Natemasterflex
    The SPL TDP is one of the best transient adjusters I’ve ever used, and it’s certainly my favorite! The ease of use makes it a reached for tool in every project and the quality of sound assures that I will keep it in my arsenal for the foreseeable future. I own an insane amount of plugins, but honestly it’s a group of about 30 that are used in the bulk of my work. The SPL TDP is one of those plugins that I wouldn’t be without. It’s definitely as good as the hardware version in my opinion. If someone asks me about adjusting transients, this is what I tell them to use.