Customer Reviews

  • Amazing control tool

    by jota garcía
    I use this one to shape my drum tracks and also in podcast tracks to fix problems like excess of reverb.
    It´s amazing how quick you can get just what you want, makes a big difference in drums.
    Extremely useful tool
  • Go-To-Plugin

    by Gerhard Schoener
    Kicks and Snares are important, but they are also loud. In order to be able to push the whole mix, I often find myself clipping them. Sometimes that changes the perceived attack Of the sound and sometimes the Kick is simply to washy, sometimes the Snare is too punchy. And sometimes they are good but need just a tad bit of tweaking.. add up all of these sometimes and you will realise that this Plugin is useful in almost every mix.
    It's very straightforward, you can do a lot or you can be subtle.. it takes your Transient-game to another level, without being complicated. Where once in-depth knowledge of compression was needed, this plugin is the easy fix.
  • graet

    by googoori
    very good~~~!!
  • simple and effective

    by ben son
    More advanced transient shapers may be available, but the great advantage of SPL's Transient Designer Plus is that it is easy to use and very effective. You get the results in seconds. Not only for drum shaping. I have just successfully used it for de-reverberation of poorly recorded vocals.
  • Best

    by Arrowhead mixing
    That's the best transient shaper ever made for real
  • Dope plugin

    by Brasco
    This joint get things pointed and jumping more. Love the side chain function to add attack to a certain frequency. Good Buy!
  • TDP

    by element4audio
    TDP is a classic, maybe not the best at this moment, but really is great. It is so easy to set that kick asses to others plugins. I love the simplicity of the TDS, my second go to transient plugin, buy I give 5 stars because is a must to have, a very good reference with fast good results
  • SPL Transient Designer

    by ianjphil
    A fantastically simple plugin that has huge results! A go-to for Drums, but it also very useful for subtly shaping textures in a mix. With the side-chain filter, there are so many more options than I had initially thought.
  • Transient Designer Original

    by Joerg
    There are alternatives out there, but SPL was the initial maker of this tool. It still stands it ground, and on a Snare or Kick drum it is kind of must have when it comes lost transients during the recording process. Very useful on Acoustic Guitars as well. It is the original, what can I say!
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it