Customer Reviews

  • SPL Transient Designer

    by Dynamic-Plugin
    Easy to understand and very good in function:
    I use this plugin for finger-picked acoustic guitars and love the subtle effect of working out the attack and emphasizing the sustain.
    Well done - SPL!
  • SPL Transient DesignerPlus +A+A++

    by Attacker
    This is a very good software processor/tool for manipulation of sound/frequencies as need be (and mostly it works)
    SPL is very good and so is Plugin Alliance. Thank You to Plugin Alliance for putting Transient Designer Plus out and for the special discount offer.
    Please keep creating and emulating interesting and the very essential quality software plugins and software.
    Best Wishes
  • Effective and Quick

    by Dannii
    SPL Transient Designer Plus was definitely a worthwhile purchase. Does exactly what it says on the tin.
    Very fast to use with plenty of control over dynamics. The auto detection is very effective and the results reflect what I have in mind each time.
  • Transient Designer Plus

    by Little Cloud
    I heard one well known producer say "this thing is a game changer" so I had to look at it as I greatly respect the bloke..I now use this incredibly handy little device constantly.
    The presets have defined its power to me, one particular preset brings the room behind the recording out...another squashes it..AND THEY DO!
    Tight and punchy (something like that) I use that preset constantly on funk gtr parts I do..FANTASTIC and honestly I have nothing in my locker of gadgets that does what it does.
    So far I have only used the presets as I dont have time to go in depth into the unit, but straight from the utility aspect of those presets I would highly suggest it as a must have piece of gadgetry to anyone who likes to reframe drums or guitars or keyboards.
    OLD RECORDINGS..yes..funny you should ask as I have recently been digging into old tracks Ive done so I can get them sounding fresh with all my new Brainworx plugins hahaha..ITS BEEN FUN FUN FUN for me and also the dog... because when Im happy I feed him chicken and he loves it hah!
    This SPL transient shaping proprietry hardware/software emulation is AMAZING! Go and try the thing..and Ill bet you will be like me and find you absolutely love it..and what it does for you.
    Thank you SPL and Brainworx.
  • plus is best

    by teen wei
    plus is my Transient go to plugin!
  • Does what it's supposed to!

    by Rich
    I have the 2 channel hardware unit and the plugin is a great emulation. Now I can have lots of instances of it which will be great. The extra features over the hardware are very nice as well.
  • Superb update

    by AreG
    The SPL Transient Designer has been one of my favourite tools from day one. I find it absolutely indispensable ! The new version, Plus, is a superb update. I love the built-in limiter and parallel mix as they speed up and improve my production workflow. The sidechain facilities are also a really neat addition, e.g. perfect for loops. The SPL Transient Designer Plus is a poweful and flexible tool and it looks gorgeous. Top rating !
  • better finetuning

    by Heiko Klüh
    With the Transient Designer Plus a much better fine tuning is possible in comparison to the standard version. Parallel Mix, limiter and sidechain options are useful options for finding the sweet spot. Well done and an essential tool for evry mix !