Customer Reviews

  • TOMO Lisa

    by BVT
    Wow !
    Yet another rare Gem in the Plugin Alliance Collection [email protected]@?!
    . . . It has been sitting right there, under my nose ever since I took the plunge on a subscription from PA last October of 2022 . . . I just ducked it on to a Samplitude Object of a previous mix that I just imported into the mastering session of this piece . . . Slow Cooking in Layers . . . This is an Exquisitely Elegant Dynamic EQ of the Highest Order . . . ! . . . :-)
    This one is going to be called up for duty on every mix and master that I DO , Moving Forward . . . ! . . . :-)
  • Wow, I'm impressed!

    by Joost
    I'm really a fan of streamlined workflows like within this EQ.
    While selecting the frequencies within one band you can dim out the rest of the mix and exactly pick up the frequency you want to adjust.
    I like the way of this plugin to monoize and stereoize the mix.
  • LISA

    by Zoltán
  • Lisa is Awesome!

    by Defying Silence
    This will add a magical touch to any plugin chain. This is an incredible plugin! Adding smooth warmth and clarity.
  • I would appreciate more like this.

    by Joost
    Honestly I love it. I love how it challenges you to learn how it actually works - and if you do you can get mind bending results with this. I think PA did a great Job in choosing this exact piece of hardware to emulate, because of it's unique design (just not your typical dynamic EQ). I can't think of any other dynamic EQ that works in a serial way and sums the individual bands. There are just a few things that I don't appreciate which is why I deduct 1 star. I think PA could have made the hardware better, and I don't get the mindset of making it almost identical to the hardware in every way - I'll explain: How about making it possible to adjust the gain continuous rather than stepped (why not, you can just turn it off if you don't want to use it that way). This is the reason I'll almost never use the Filter. A more minor note (not a huge deal at all) would be that the "flattest settings TMT wise" seem to be CH3-4, and LISA generally being a Mastering Plug I think it should be on the flattest by default.
  • Discoverd Need

    by MixingITB
    LISA sweetens, thickens, or accents sound in a very polished way. It can be very transparent or aggressive. There is no other plugin I have that does parallel multiband opto-compression. LISA is a game-changer.
    This plugin is like adding Pixie Dust to your track. The world will never know what Pixie Dust is, but it does magic. That's what this does. Try it on a track you already mastered. I can almost guarantee, this plugin will add something you never knew you were missing. That's how it was for me.
    This was easily a must-have plugin for me. Thanks TOMO Labs and PA!
  • Am I worthy?

    by Ariel Tavori
    This is not as easy as i'd hoped to use, but consistently gives that "shiny, 3d motion" to a track. Really nothing else quite like it!
  • Can't believe how nice this is

    by Buckine
    I kept glancing at this, and ignoring it for quite awhile. I finally went and watched some reviews... Boom! bought it. Now this is my go to along with my Fabfilter Pro Q and Ozone. Each one serves its own purpose. LISA is just so musical and warm and well, different. Really love this plug. Try it out.
  • Lisa eq

    by Blue
    Really good emulation!!
  • Exquisite Compressor. But CPU Heavy.

    by Renan C.
    A very different compressor. Opto compression by EQ. One of it's kind; but PA should address the CPU usage of this plugin. One instance of it can already be heavy for the overall project.