Customer Reviews

  • maravelous!

    by Txema
    tremendous plugin, love the work of unfiltered audio
  • Another great plugin by Unfiltered Audio

    by Danny Wyatt
    Love all the possibilities. Unlike other reviews, I don't think this is a "flangey" plugin. There are so many different options, especially when it comes to randomization. I also love that pretty much everything can be locked to protect certain parameters from being randomized.
    2 things I think need tweaking:
    1 - A better preset browser. Clicking multi times on the menu and finding a category, etc, is a workflow killer. Clicking the previous and next arrow is "ok", but being able to see all the categories and presets inside those categories would be awesome.
    2 - For each unit (e.g. Reverb), a menu with previous and next arrows to load presets for that unit only. Again, clicking the hamburger menu and clicking one preset at a time, it's a workflow killer and this is the kind of plugin that needs to be fast and easy to work with.
    Other than that, it does a great job. Maybe some functions such as Randomize Values, should be a button that we just click instead of right-click>Randomize Values. It's all about speed and easy of use.
    Looking forward to this kind of updates in the future
  • It's audio UMAMI flavor!!

    by Herman van Gelder
    A sound designers "desert island" plugin. Unfiltered Audio has put a lot of effort into stuffing as much FUN as possible into a single plugin while keeping the GUI simple and intuitive.
    It's subtle, all over the place! and everything in between.
    Best effects unit in my toolbox hands down.

    by BLOKADA
    I am an absolute fan!
    When you go on a journey of discovery with this ingenious tool, the third horizon opens up.
  • Byome is amazing value!

    by w35prod
    I've used a lot of multi-effects plugins, but finding something as full featured and flexible as Byome is pretty rare. It has everything you can think of, and if you are looking for an excellent swiss army style plugin for effects then this is it. Highly recommended.
  • Amazingly Fun

    by BluelagoonStudios
    If you want a plugin to play with left right audio, these from Unfiltered Audio is your way to go, take a hand clap, left and right, on the left the Byome on the right side just a reverb, or delay, and the hand claps are heard in depth and wide. I'm sure there is a lot more what you can do with the plugins from Unfiltered Audio. I'm having fun with them. And great FX. It's true, your imagination is the limit.
  • Not exactly a go to

    by Jack
    It's really good if you're wanting to make something sound more flangey and matelic, in a clean way. The presets are ok, but I haven't really blown away by them after testing them out on different incoming signals.
  • Handle with care

    by Diarm
    When used sparingly, this is a wonderful tool to take a sound in a new direction. Leave your intellect at the door, flick through the presets and wait for that ah-ha moment.
    When it does and you listen back with fresh ears, a warm sense of delight flows.
  • Nearly limitless audio manipulation

    by Andreas
    Amazing plugin and one of the best I've ever had, but I still don't understand why TRIAD is sold separately as it's pretty much the same thing...
  • Sir, you're a deep tool

    by Polyfonken
    BYOYME is an unique tool that, besides easily letting me turn a cat into a variety of dragons, really does work as an ultimate mix-and-match multi-fx unit (dramatic voice) of the future! The real meat on the big lovely bons here being the modulation possibilities offered, Spectral Follower being the absolute stand-out. With it, even basic compressors gain abilities simply not offered by other plugins.
    But as a great man (wait, I think that was a Marvel Nazi) once said, discovery requires experimentation. This is to say, BYOME is a deep sound design tool and using all of its unique features requires a certain amount of time put into it and subsequent understanding. Like any deep thing does.