Customer Reviews

  • BYOME Swiss Knife

    by Balage
    If you can have only one plugin in your arsenal for modulation, reverb, delay and much more, this is it. Almost endless tweaking options, a sound designer dream. It also serves you well if you want to move fast with quick, "out of the box" options. Just simply fantastic !
  • Best thing ever

    by Audilepsy
    Best Plugin ever. There really isn't much more I can say. Except, that I liked it so much I created a sample pack, and Unfiltered Audio liked that so much they will be hosting my sample pack, and you will be seeing presets from me in the coming updates. Don't sleep on this plugin, it's a sound designers wet dream.
  • Byome

    by LEO
  • Easy DSP

    by Levendis
    Love Unfiltered Audio plugins!
    A shadowy suspicion is that BYOME is redundant in my toolkit and that a chain of mixer inserts could provide the same utility. The convenience of it being in one plugin, however, renders it worthwhile. Add to that the integrated modulation system and BYOME proves to be a joy to use.
    The potential for sound manipulation feels more extensive than the module limit infers. Again, adding to the joy of its use.
    A standout feature is the handling of sample-rate reduction. Not so much the conventional distortion effect, in BYOME its influence is module dependent. Using it doesn't dirty up the sound, rather it sensibly modifies the effect module treatment. This approach extends the sonic possibilities of effects.
    My only criticism would be GUI related. Inter-connecting modulators can be difficult to manage when they span a distance greater than the plugin interface. They can be reordered so that modulator modules, which one intends to connect, are adjacent and their panels reduced to ease doing so but can be awkward. I have no suggestions for improving this. Perhaps a lock to visual scaling when resizing the plugin?!
  • Byome is a a monster

    by Izzy Walker
    Love it!, This is now replacing a whole chain of plugins I use. Formerly I had to chain a host of CPU numbing plugs to get really altered wrenching synth tracks now I use this and maybe a few others to cap it off. This does it's thing so much more fluidly than the swarm of plugs I have been replacing it with and with a much smaller CPU hit. The delays and reverbs in here alone are worth the buy, then you have the ability to modulate the sound to the teeth within one plugin. A suggestion for the programmers, for future revisions I recommend something in the likeness of a send / receive between instances of the plugin to allow ducking and cross modulation between different tracks that this is being used on. The ability to modulate, duck, and maybe use the spectrum of one entirely different sound with another track would really make this thing scream "done". I don't know how you crammed this much fine sounding DSP into one plugin with such little CPU hit.

    by timirjan@yandex
    Hello! I used a plug-in BYOME in the project, very much pleased! Great opportunities! Thanks to creators!
  • Unfiltered Audio does it again.

    by Mazzaroth
    I must say that everytime Unfiltered Audio releases a plugin it just amazes me how unique and well thought out they are. BYOME is certainly no different and has some serious horsepower in the most versatile package possible. All in all what Unfiltered Audio has released up to date has made them one of my absolute favourite plugin developers around and that means something coming from someone who, over the years, has amassed a huge list of plugins from many vendors for just about any purpose. Great job guys!
  • Byome or My Oh Me

    by Little Cloud
    Startled again by the great depth of field of this fx unit. Plugin Alliance products seem to just always have what I like, and probably like you Im pretty fussy. I have used Byome on every mix Ive done since I downloaded the 4 day trial and then purchased it...Literally every mix..its the different approach to the presets that is most useful right now,and I know a lot of producers/artists like to do their own but I dont have time...that just the way its been for a while now.
    Under delays there is a preset called Mollasses and Ive been using it on vocal groupings and finding it so warm and thick and dark and ..yummy...My grandma used to kiss me goodnight with mollases all over her breath the when I saw the preset name I tried it and now I love Molasses :-)
    Another preset I am using is under Mixing..called fake delay stereo. I use it because it just does what I want.
    I just did a version of my own of Hendrixs All along the Watchtower and used it on a rythm gtr buss...after that it started to appear on all sorts of things. The presets are great, and so the unit must be pretty powerful under the hood.
    Im always looking for spatial manglers, but with most new things I try I give up pretty quickly because I dont find a preset that does anything really unique..but with Byome..Ive found 5 incredible presets that Im using all the time. I will shortly dig in a bit deeper as Byome is here to stay in my go to fx racks.
    Thank you Unfiltered Audio..I own all your products now I think :-)
    and thank you Plugin Alliance!
  • Byome is a life changing plugin!

    by PeteMarriott
    Nothing will ever be the same again once you put this baby to work. I can't see how Unfiltered Audio is going to be able to top this one...
  • Byome

    by Nando & Blonde Moby Dick
    I love it, great tool for sound design, as well for those who don't have time to complicate their life there are lot of presets at hand which a bit of tweaking becomes your and fit your mix