Customer Reviews

  • One stop FX shop

    by Protoculture
    This is one of those plugins you're going to have to ration time with or you'll get nothing else done! It's such a creative tool and the possibilities are quite literally endless. There's some real gems amongst the modules too including a ridiculous reverb with a 6 minute decay time, some strange and unpredictable distortion algorithms and and hoards of other creative goodies that I've come to expect from Unfiltered Audio, pretty much covering the full spectrum of processing you may want to add to your material, and all tied together with their signature modulation system... now on steroids due to the addition of a bunch of great new modules. The randomise and lock functions are so much fun too. I spent hours clicking through randomly generated sounds ranging from the completely ridiculous, to stuff that was actually very useable. This really is a one stop shop... if you work with electronic music especially this is a no brainer.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you for the awesome, in-depth review!
  • Byome!

    by ignatius
    essential plug in. so creative and innovative. a must have. so musical. and it sounds amazing! so many processors and modulations!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you ignatius!
  • Unfiltered Audio BYOME

    by saffs
    Fantastic array of effects you can put in really creative orders to get something placed in a mix like nothing else - it would take four other plugins to get anything close. Amazing work and thank you!!!!
  • Great tool to create movement

    by garbagetruckdriver
    First of all, it's very intuitive - from layout, interconnecting, and creating. I did not even listen to many of the presets, I just started building chains by looking at what was in front of me. I haven't looked at the manual and don't expect I'll ever need to.
    Whilst you could use any single module alone, it's the chaining and modulation options that are really powerful.
    Used as a send effect, you can create amazing tempo-sync'd effects and bring them up behind drums, guitars, vocals, keys... If you want to bring some extra movement to a track, this is the first tool to grab.
  • Amazing Fun

    by bd
    So many creative possibilities. Tons of presets and easy to explore on your own if you want to just dive in. This is great fun for sound design. Definitely going to be part of the arsenal.
  • Byome = Awesome

    by Tristan
    You can build the effects of your dreams with this thing...not only are the possibilities endless but it sounds fantastic. Big ups Unfiltered!!
  • Not just for sound design

    by lurojas
    When I first got this plugin, my initial thought was "What a great sound design tool!" It's more than that. The reverb presets took me by surprise, so I tried them in a mix. BYOME has become my go to plugin for drum room reverb. I have only began to touch on the infinite possibilities with this plugin!

    by wakax
    one of the few FX (and FSU!:) powerhouses. Josh & Michael did it again! every effect is done their unique way. my favourites are LO-Fi Reverb and the whole Granulators in that section. a MUST-HAVE for any sound mangler around!
  • Byome

    by Pino Pischetola
    Byome is very powerful but also very intuitive.
    With it's many great sounding modules together with huge modulation possibilities (like all Unfiltered Audio products), is the fastest way to achieve almost every thinkable effect. it's like a modular synth but for effects in your DAW. Also the big selection of presets give a lot of inspiration when looking for new sounds.
    Thumbs up to Unfiltered Audio and Plugin Alliance!!
  • EVERYTHING in one place

    by MixedbyMe
    This plugin does everything you could ever need from a multi-fx processor, The design is clear and easy n the eye, the random mode is instantly useful, When you need to add some pizazz to a track and you don't have time to spare this is the plugin for instant gratification, and it SOUNDS outstanding