Customer Reviews

  • Brilliant

    by Alex B
    Quite simply this is just brilliant. Sounds come out of this thing I didn't know were possible to make just by playing stuff in... shaping wonderful creative journeys with ease. Very highly recommended.
  • CV control is cool!

    by Ted Clayton
    The most appealing aspect of BYOME is that it has a natural feel. Manipulating sounds on a plug-in while performing is a feature that will catch on. CV control was something that was only possible with hardware modules (i.e. Buchla, Moog, or Korg MS-20). BYOME has now introduced this to the digital domain.
  • Aliens Made This

    by YogiFish
    My brain knew I needed this. One of my biggest frustrations is hearing sounds in my head, but not being able to share that with others. I can now imagine differently, knowing there’s away to bring it to life. What a creative and technical surprise.
  • Finally !

    by AreG
    BYOME is one superb plugin ! I got a bunch of mod plugs (almost all of them...), but always end up making my own mod chains. BYOME not only replaces most of my mod portfolio, but inspires right from the start with excellent presets/sound and a very fast/easy-to-use workflow. Moreover, the CPU impact is negligible, which is quite an achievement given the powerful and flexible setup. BYOME is bound to become an essential tool for music producers, especially in the electronic genres. I wish I had this one available years ago. Thank you, Dirk & Co !
  • The Game Changer

    by Mike
    Wow !
    Endless possibilities, great sound, very nice, scalable, coloured GUI! It can replace many of the Unfiltered Audio Plugins, but also a VERY big bunch of plugins on my PC: delay, distortion, modulation, filters etc. as well as a lot of multi-effects. This is a real Plugin Cleaner :-)).
    I can do almost everything with it, it is complex, if I want, but it also can be simple. So I can grow with this plugin - that's what I like most: To start with a simple idea and to find new possibilities with every achieved result.
    Congratulations for this Game Changer!
  • Excellent Effects

    by Tim
    This really is an extraordinary plugin. It brings the type of unique effects that exist in the individual Unfiltered plugins into one package, with a great modulation system. The range of effects is staggering and will take serious time to get through. The layout is clean and simple and the options for modulation are quite diverse. The selection of presets is huge and range from extreme to quite subtle. I can see I will be digging this effect rack out repeatedly. I would absolutely recommend it.
  • Amazing Release (with minor issues)

    by metric
    I own almost every of the Unfiltered Audio Plugins and they are by far my most used Plugins.
    Byome takes the quality to the next level, the CPU usage on my Windows machine is a lot better than their old releases and the UI is rendered sharper as well!
    One issue with the new UI Update for me is though that the menu bar takes up way too much space in my opinion, on this point the older design looked more elegant.
    Other than that there is currently a Bug in Cubase/Nuendo that causes Byome not to function when applied as Direct Offline Process. This works with all other Unfiltered Plugins so I guess it is due to the new code base. I already mailed Plugin Alliance and hope this will be fixed soon, as especially for Sound Design applying quick Offline Processing is pretty essential for me.
    Nevertheless, this deserves 5+ Stars. Definitely sets a new bar for Plugins in regards to features, modulation, sound and code quality.
  • Surprisingly awesome

    by micharrr
    I was only interested in UA Dent's distortion and bit crushing capabilities to add to my collection, so I tried rebuilding it in Byome - sounded even more versatile to me as I was able to fine tune even more subtle nuances and add modules like the Chebyshev and the more 'analog sounding' ladder filter.
    Then I also had a more skeptical look at the other presets - and was seriously impressed. Even the reverbs were sounding great in the mix. So many possibilities, a super stable plugin, my CPU not under pressure for the amount of modules I put to work.
    Thanks very much for this great addition, it's just so much fun to work with!

    by j tayo
    The Master of modular effects? all in all its pretty mind blowing , Byome is crammed full of what you need in a one stop Mod effect,love the Granular and the reverbs, still lots to uncover.Thanks unfiltered Audio its a Gem .
  • Byome!

    by gfromstoke
    Wow! I've been keeping an eye on this and just purchased it. I've only had it running for 15 minutes and already I am blown away. It takes a lot to get me excited by Plug Ins these days where most things have likely been already done. This is a doddle to use and I am only still flipping through the presets (which on their own are very useable) let alone starting to program my own chains. I rarely if ever leave reviews, but this one deserves it. This plug in will certainly win multiple awards and accolades I would think. I think you've got a winner on your hands here... Amazing job. Well done!