Customer Reviews

  • Best of the best

    by Ivochkin
    This comp is just amazing. I wanted to buy Arousor, but now i don't need it. Zip has modern, fresh sound and it's lookahead function works like no other compressor on the market does. Just buy it, you wouldn't regret.
  • zip

    by will h
    wow...what a tool this is
    haven't begun to explore the possibilities really, it's a new thing
  • ZIP

    by Terry
    I like the idea of having multiple effects in one effect.
  • Zip

    by Gabriel Pinheiro
    I have tons of compressors on the dynamics folder, as most people out there these days. Still, Zip amazed me. It mad everything I ran through it crispier, more detailed. I still haven't tried it's crazier options, but as a "traditiona;"compressor, it's amazing.
  • Unfiltered Audio Zip

    by BoBSwanS
    Instant buy for me. I'm still finding my way around all the extra features but this is my new go-to compressor for all my projects
  • GOOD!!!

    by Very Good
    This plug-in is very very good.
  • Unfiltered Audio Zip

    by Ctrls
    As always UA deliver a really interesting and overall high quality sounding package. Just as a straight compressor this is really tight sounding, and it's nice to see a new forward thinking compressors over all the retro emulations. The only gripe I've got is that the (audible) filters are too resonant/coloured which can sometimes make it a bit less immediate to use in a mix setting. It can also produce a phasey kinda sound when used parallel.
  • Swiss army dyn tool

    by Nico@SunnySideInc
    Zip combines many existing dynamic features, with a few unique novelties like the detector styles
    It is a swiss army tool for compression/expansion.
    GUI is a breeze, it can perform most of the bread & butter dynamic tasks but you can squeeze much more out of it!
    A real bargain and fun to work with.
  • A new take on compression!!!

    by lurojas
    I have been using Zip for a few weeks now. First....I love the simplicity of the layout! Easy to wrap your brain around! What I love is the ability to color things tone wise. I am not a user that likes to crush or over compress. What Zip does is allow you to compress in a musical and creative way while adding new colors to your tonal palette! I love it!!!
  • A Beast

    by lunarchris1
    This compressor is a beast, and leads to amazing results on a wide variety of sources. Great for new engineers as an easy to use and intuitive tool for controlling dynamics, or for veterans looking for more creative flexibility and inspiration on their tracks. The modulation and saturation capabilities are enormous, and the value this processor brings to the table is top of the line. I couldn't recommend this enough, and it has become my go to whether I need serious tone shaping or even just gentle massaging of the signal. Take it for a test drive, and see what it means to add some Zip to your tracks!