Customer Reviews

  • ZIP

    by Following Light
    Amazing flexible compressor !
  • Zip compressor

    by element4audio
    It is good, the auto threshold is very usefull and innovate. I like a lot, maybe the sound can be better, it is a little flat, even playing with the colour options. But anyway, it is a very good compressor and it can be part in a good plugin collection
  • SO good

    by Mixmash
    I didn't realize my life was incomplete until I got this comp. Out of my hundred or so comp plugs, I find myself reaching for ZIP more and more since I got it, and it's among my 5 most used comps now. Seriously great, like all my unfiltered audio plugs. Kudos
  • Zip zip hurray

    by eric b.
    Ouch! this compressor is powerful and creative. I’m not kidding I have just insert Zip on a Drum vst channel and boom it’s happen. A wonderful intuitive compression with great option to tweak in. You got to try!
  • Unfiltered Audio Zip

    by Schoeps where are you
    It made my tracks great again.
  • Best DeEsser Plugin

    by Percy Pringle
    Since I first began mixing ITB 5 years ago I have been looking for a DeEsser that actually sounds natural. I own probably 10 of them and tried many others (including the SPL De-essers.) I just gave up after awhile and just started manually editing sibilance out myself. I know that Zip is not marketed as a DeEsser but it probably should be. Using the lookahead feature and mix knob (set to around 80%) I started experimenting and found Zip to be my Set and Forget solution for Vocals. I cannot recommend this enough.
  • Musical

    by Tx
    Great plugin very musical
  • Powerful, Versatile & Complex Plugin

    by Krešimir Bikić
    Unfiltered Audio's ZIP is very powerful and complex device unlike any other. In fact, it's not so unusual as it is unorthodox device. Users are just not used to play around with up or down Compressor while adding simple or ton of modulations. It's getting time to get used to it but underneath the hood is quite nice Compressor, fast and reliable, powerful with a lot of possibilities to twist around. It's sound is quite OK and for experimental and weird electronic music with tons of unexpected effects to the sound this tool will come in handy in many ways.
    Users have to be careful when choosing Analysis styles which are 6 to choose from. Each has it's own unique feel to it and speed. Flavors if you will. Regarding the modulation section it gets time to get used to it. It's unusual but you don't have to take that road. But it's there.
    It's very powerful, clean sounding and very, very little CPU demanding so that's a really good news for this kind of device! Also, it has very nice, big and uncluttered UI. On top of everything there's a very nice and pretty big real-time display of all your signal curves - knee, signal wet and dry, gain reduction and input/output level.
    I'm giving it 4/5 just because it's overstuffed with things that don't belong in a Compressor. Or am I that wrong?
  • Fantastic modern compressor

    by Dan Gayle
    Not content to be yet another emulation of some old compressor, Zip is pretty much the most modern take on a compressor I can think of. If you're into electronic styles that push the boundaries of sound design, this is the compressor for you.
  • ZIP

    by x2sound
    ZIP is an amazing plugin. It is definitely one of my favourites. Zip has a lot of creative possibilities using its unique modulation section. Love it.