Customer Reviews

  • Proverbial CH Army Knife

    by saffs
    Amazing plugin that you can use on more or less anything. Compresses according to perceived EQ and tonality making it do things you'd never think of doing in a sidechain with surprising results. Demo it!!!
  • New way of using a compressor

    by Arnold/Kolinski/Reimann
    What a cool plugin! The results are surprisingly fresh and trigger creativity and the urge to go new directions. Can't wait to use this tool in our upcoming projects.
  • Swiss army knife compressor!

    by PC
    Very versatile and prepared to manage every situation, when a compressor is needed. Very easy to set up, but when you want to go in deep - lots of possibilities!
    Very cool: The modulation feature is on board as well (like every Unfiltered Audio Plugin)
    Congrats - Another great release from Unfiltered Audio!
  • Wow just Wow

    by MixedbyMe
    The first time I used Zip I was genuinely shocked as the size and simplicity of design totally hides the POWER that this little plugin packs. Instant satisfaction is the name of the game here with plenty of options to tweak.
    be prepared to buy this if you try it