Customer Reviews

  • VSC-2 excellent

    by Chris Bernhardt
    amazing plugin - VSC-2 gives you exactly that little punch witch you need if you don`t know what you need , but you know that it needs something ! - excellent
  • Vertigo VSC-2 Review

    by Dean Hajas
    I'm an independent producer / engineer / writer / and publisher, and have owned several studios including a 12,000 square foot Church Recording Studio. The gear of recording is an integral part of the selection, and just like painting, every element of colour you choose, alters the final perception of the person(s) viewing / audio experience. BX Brainworx is always on the cutting edge of innovations in creating the most accurate Plugins, that I have come to depend on a selection that gives me the colours I know I can count on, through the entire process of audio. The Vertigo VSC-2 is one that I reach for without a doubt on several tracks including the Drums Buss. It is reliable in body that builds sonic presence forward in your mix, without adding harshness, or artifacts that get unpleasant to the ears of the listener. It has a most realistic sound texture that always brings out the essence of the impact of the drums, and tones that tend to get a bit buried in digital recording / mixing process. What I truly love about the VSC-2, is that it's threshold during use with gain increase, brings out the best of the instruments, or even vocals, while retaining the natural clarity of the original recording, but with the enhancement of compression without loosing the intent of the performance in any way. It's a true work horse that I love using on every mix, and responds just the way you would expect from the hardware, without having to purchase one for every channel you want to have this quality of compression design on. Two Golden Thumbs up to the team and Dirk Ulrich in the pursuit of very professional representations and creativities behind every Plugin made available, with World Class standards I've come to depend upon.
  • life to the mix

    by StevenK
    Compressors tighten the mix. This one does this perfectly and "adds life" to the bus or esp. to winds. The limited possible attack and release values, and the two sidechain filters seem to give only a few possibilities, but that is not true. Combined with the right threshold it is unbelievable easy to find the right spot. I love this unit!
  • You need this. Really, you do.

    by Finck von Finckenstein
    I was never satisfied with compressor plug-ins. You have to put a lot of effort into most of them to make them sound like you want them to sound.
    Still, I tried the VSC-2 out of curiosity. And what can I say? This thing is transparent, transient-friendly and sounds amazingly fresh! Putting it into a channel improves the sound immediately even if you didn't know you needed it. Also, the presets are very good starting points and sometimes don't need any tweaking at all.
    Saves time and sounds great.
  • Finding a good mixbus comp

    by Ozgur Yildirim
    This compressor is the best comp I've ever used. Period. I was looking for a really good mixbus compressor - I had been using waves api 2500 for quite a long time, though 2500 is great for what it does, I was rather bored with its sound and curious about other options. I was especially looking for a more snappier comp, and I found that VSC-2 is the answer to my needs. It also shapes the stereo image of a mix in a very beautiful way.
  • Best of the best!

    by PC
    Easy to use premium compressor with a fantastic sound.
    Because it's very versatile, I use it on everything: Master Bus, Drum Bus, Kick, Bass... you name it.
    My desert island compressor!
  • Nice

    by Alex Hepting
    Makes compression simple. Already halfing the threshold makes a huge change. There are only two logical steps i need to do with this: taking back threshold, bringing it back with make-up gain to my heart.
  • One of best compressors

    by Edward Selberie
    This is a very beautiful sounding compressor. I have followed some tutorials of David Glenn Recording and liked the way this compressor sounded on his mixbus. So, as mentioned in other plugins reviews, I just buy plugins from PA. There is no need to try. These plugins are excellent! Try this one, you will not be disappointed.
    The perfect combination for any mixbus (my mixbus) = tape plugin + some kind of console modeling + vertigo compressor + bx digital v3 (awsome eq, the only one you need) + vertigo vsm 3 + bx sub synth + HG 2 blackbox. Your mixes will NEVER sound the same again!!
  • Genuine and Vintage

    by manick
    There are so many compressor plugins out there, leave alone the ones you got from your DAW, which are often useful for simple tasks. But how often do you use those compressors on your mix bus or even the master bus and don't seem to get it right?
    That's where the VSC-2 comes in... engage it and feel how it thickens your sound, without obviously being there. This compressor is really the kind of "absent but present", it enhances the perceived loudness in the way you don't notice "ah, they used a compressor"... GREAT!!!
  • VSC-2 rocks

    by Steve MacMillan
    This is one of the best software compressors I have in my collection. I'm using mostly for stereo drum compression. Better than almost anything for drums and loops, but clean enough for the mix buss. Highly recommended.