Customer Reviews

  • Something Magical

    by Aidan Brock
    The VSC-2 is a wonderful compressor to put on the master bus. With just 1-2dB of reduction, it tightens up the kick drum and adds a bottom end to the mix that is seriously impressive.
  • Still finding new uses for the VSC-2

    by Rob M
    The Vertigo VSC-2 is excellent; it's often my my 'go-to' plugin for taming unusual fast transients on drum stems, but even better on percussive sounds - and kit toms routed to stereo groups. It only needs a 'light touch' approach; taking a dB or two off the top will make everything sit with more focus and add just a touch of warmth. The VSC-2 can be tweaked to behave like an SSL bus compressor - or a Neve 33609 compressor too - but 'cleaner'. Use it on a Fender Rhodes piano to tame the highs; use it on a double bass to deal with some of those ugly wood clicks - or even put it over the master bus to add glue on an entire rock mix. I've been using this plugin very happily for years (almost on every mix) and still finding new tasks for it to deal with. I'm surprised it's taken so long to write this review. 5 stars !
  • VSC-2

    by Ven
    Just the best in any track. Use it on single channels and group channels and you will be happy for the final result. It's really amazing.
  • VSC-2

    by Frank
    Very elegant Plug In, I love it!. I have used it already for some drumming part's. Can't wait to see what else this Beautiful Plug inn is capable of . I just started using this and I am Extremely Pleased, Thank's P.A.!
  • AAAAA+++++

    by MJ
    This one covers quite a bit of ground for a VCA. Kinda like a G-buss comp but far more harmonically rich.
  • Good!!

    by MP
    It is wonderful.
  • Awesome compressor

    by Martijn van Dongen
    This compressor is really awesome. So easy to work with and sounds amazing! This is my first to go to compressor I now use. You can use it on everything, bass, drums, vocals etc. I also use it on the master bus to blend/glue :)
  • The Best

    by EJR
    This compressor really stands out from almost every other plugin comp I've heard. Instant gratification. You will understand what glue means after putting this on the mixbus. It has grit, weight and a wonderful, lively, 3d soundstage. As a track compressor, It has a unique way of pushing the mids forward and really helps different elements sit properly in the mix.
  • Vertigo VSC-2

    by Boris
    This is a short review: This plugin compressor is the most transparent compressor in plugin format, but, is also one with so much mojo and sound quality. Can mojo and transparency be in the same audio sentence? Yes.. try it and a great plus is that the plugin is AAX DSP for HDX users. Fantastic. My new bus and drum compressor... and vocal, and guitars .. you get it right?
  • n excellent compressor!

    by Dr. Sound
    This is one of the smoothest, most transparent compressors I've ever heard! Worth every penny!